The One-Stop X-Wing Thread (1/24 original trilogy studio models only)

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Member Junk Pilot has offered to create a "one-stop" Star Wars X-Wing Studio Scale Model thread (1/24 original trilogy studio models only). This thread will contain links to all of the studio scale X-Wing related threads.

Continue to the second post of this thread and enjoy the reference material, as well as a trip down memory lane! :)

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The One-Stop X-Wing Thread

Going through many of the pages here in the Studio Scale Models section of the RPF I've noticed there are 3 constants about Studio Scale modeling.

They are X-Wing's, Millennium Falcon's and everything else!

Because there are so many fantastic projects underway and new threads constantly being added it doesn't take too long before a good thread is buried under all the new topics and eventually "lost".

This thread is for the "X-Wing-philes" here at the RPF (myself included) with links to the many threads in the Studio Scale section. And to make things easier for people to find their favourite X-Wing thread I've gone through the last 20-25 pages and picked out the best topics relating to X-Wings and put links to them into a single thread for everyone's pleasure.

And if there are anymore threads that are not listed below let me know and I will include them into this post. There is no set criteria for a link to be added other than having good in-progress pics and info about the build/paint work.

I hope you all find this useful. Enjoy.

(Those will allergies are urged to take precaution against some of the threads which may be old and dusty) :)

Links Just Added (19 Oct 15):
The Star Wars/Hasbro Appreciation Thread V2 (various toy conversions) -

Studio Scale Kits
X-Wing "Revisited" by Art 2 -
X-Wing "Revisited" review -
Efx X-Wing -

Studio Scale WIP's/Builds/Mods and Repaints

Red 6 Build by Rodmart -
Red 3 build by REL -
1/24 Scratch built X-Wing by Moska -
Converting a CCX V1 into Red 2 by atom -
Red 2 Pyro kit WIP by kh39-
Red 5 build by Spiker -
Salzo V3 build by CutThumb -
The Definitive X-Wing Thread -
Red 3 by Guy Cowan -
Red Leader hybrid by ralphee -
Repaint of the EFX X-Wing by REL -
Hero X-Wing build by -... . . - --..
Red 4 pyro build by jedimaster -
ROTJ MPC X-Wing by Jm419 -
Scratchbuilt SS X-Wing by Ray22 -
V3 Modifications and Pics by Colin Droidmilk -
Hero X-Wing by Monsieur Tox -
Red 4 Hero by Monsieur Tox -
Modifying The Capt'n Cardboard X-Wing Fuselage -
Maxi-Brute Hero X-Wing by Nighteyes -
Salzo V3.1 by mslz22 -
Blue Leader by Robiwon -
Salzo V3 build by Bigturc -
Salzo V3 by joewhite -
X-Wing Cast from Original Parts -
Red Five by vaderdarth -
Blue Five by Kenny -
Red Two by Captain Nemo -
Blue One by Moffeaton -

Hasbro Toy Conversions
PHArchivist's conversion -
(It's an old thread and many of the photo's aren't available anymore but lots of good information)
The Star Wars/Hasbro Appreciation Thread V2 (various toy conversions) -

McQuarrie/Cantwell Prototypes
EFX McQuarrie X-Wing
Cantwell Concept X-Wing Research Thread
Scratchbuilt 1/24 Ralph McQuarrie Concept X-Wing

X-Wing Drawings -
The history of the Salzo/Capt'n Cardboard X-Wing -
ROTJ MPC X-Wing references -
X-Wing Lighting -
Pyro X-Wing References -
X-Wing Colour -
X-Wing Timeline -
Cockpit Photos -
Salzo V3 Manual -
Paint Colors For X-Wing, Snow speeder & AT-AT -

Questions and Parts ID's:
X-Wing Primed. What's Next? -
Pyro X-Wing colours question
How Should I Ship (mail) a SS X-Wing?
Pyro X-Wing quality? -
Capt'n Cardboard X-Wing or Poseiden Young?
Inner Engine Configuration Help
Differences Between Hero and Pyro Models
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Re: The One-Stop X-Wing Thread

Thanks Moffeaton. I was hoping this could be a sticky thread as I didn't want it to get buried in the large number of threads that get posted each day.
Re: The One-Stop X-Wing Thread

This is a great idea. Plus I'm thrilled my thread is in here too. It's too bad a lot of the really old threads have lost some of the pictures. If this isn't stickied, it needs to be. Good work.
Re: The One-Stop X-Wing Thread

I actually thought I added yours, Rob. Obviously not but I will as you did an amazing job. I am being selective about what to include as I would prefer to include threads that have detailed information about the build and any tricks or tips that others can use.

But when I have a free 5 minutes I will add yours. :)
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Re: The One-Stop X-Wing Thread

Lol, it is just a bit dusty Simon heh. Thanks bud, id still love to do Red 1 again, reckon i could really nail her this time, pending costs, may get a rodmart yet for just that.
Yes, its white, i was young, foolish and very drunk at the time lol.

Re: The One-Stop X-Wing Thread

Cough.....added......cough cough.

That one is old but lots of good in-progress pics and useful information.
Re: The One-Stop X-Wing Thread

I seriously hope mine comes out half as good as Guy's. In fact with his superb illustrated paint techniques it should have it's own sticky.

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