AMT/MPC ESB/ROTJ X-Wing studio scale miniatures


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So after deciding to do the Imperial probe droid and probe droid pod as my first studio scale builds I now realise its going to take some time to gather up all the kits I will need to start this project (definitely a newbie error there lol). But whilst I search for my remaining kits (I’m about half way there) I’m too impatient to wait so thought I would try something easier to keep me entertained until then and will be good practice too.

I want to have a crack at the smaller miniatures which were made out of AMT/MPC kits back in the day. I know they used this method on ESB and ROTJ but before I get started have a few questions hopefully some of you may be able to answer?

(1) Is there a difference between the kits released? Different tooling for years produced or differences in say UK to US kits?
(2) I have heard that the canopies were scratch built instead of using the supplied ones?
(3) What other additional greeblies did ILM add to these props if any?
(4) What was the armature they used for these? Was it the same for both movies and did the ROTJ have front mounting as well as bottom and rear?

Any help appreciated as ever!
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This should be interesting; all I'd ever heard about were the X-wings used in that scene where the fleet 'jumps' into hyperspace in ROTJ, so brief and relatively tiny views from the rear.
What other ships were done from STAR WARS kits?

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