Rocketeer “Veepy” Jetpack 3D printable kit project.


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My Veepy is still in it’s awkward, ugly phase . :D


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I've been watching for a bit and just want to say how AMAZINGLY cool this project is. Well done, all! And I promise not to let my employer know about the style used for the instructions LOL ;-)

The Cog

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Any recommendations on orientation of the Main Hull? Printing on an ender 5 Plus, so I have plenty of room, but have had failures possibly due to gravity. Appreciate seeing what has worked for all of you.


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First gnolivos thanks for the great model. It's amazing.

Here's the result of my first print. My y-belt failed.

Didn't realize those mounting tabs were in the model. I had supports turned off. Since those tabs just appear to be for the led light ring I think that would be ok.

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