1. SG-RB

    SOLD!: MGC M96 Mauser with Wooden Holster/ Shoulder Stock

    MGC M96 Mauser pistol with wooden holster/ shoulder stock (NO Box). Also included are 10 brass dummy rounds The pistol is in really good shape with very minor wear as it was stored in the wooden holster since the early 80's. The action is fully operational and works as intended. Actually there...
  2. Jake Kassnoff

    The Rocketeer Helmet

    Build Footage:
  3. bummer6

    Interest interest! The Rocketeer (1991) cold cast bronze helmet UPDATE: not taking orders at the moment.

    Hello everyone! Since I successfully made the mold for my rocketeer helmet, I've started experimenting with cold casting and I've gotten to a point where I'm confident I can reliably produce cold cast helmets. I need to buy a new batch of resin plus metal powders and tints to start producing...
  4. Rcktr Prnts.jpg

    Rcktr Prnts.jpg

    Ltd Edition Concept Art prints from the film production
  5. TimeyWimey

    Yet Another Rocketeer Rocketpack

    Several years ago, I started building a replica of the film version of the Rocketeer Rocket Pack, having already built a replica of the helmet and the rocket pack from the comics. Each of these builds got a build thread on the RPF, but I stopped pretty close to the beginning of the movie pack...
  6. DavidJGuyton

    Standalone Rocketeer Display Piece

    Hi all. If you haven't been following my all aluminum Rocketeer, um...I mean rocketpack...I make them out of legit aluminum. I decided to do a fun little side project making a display version of the cowl section, with visible rockety parts in the rear. I didn't make the...
  7. gnolivos

    Rocketeer “Veepy” Jetpack 3D printable kit project.

    Hello All. My project got to the point where I think it's time for its own thread. This will be known as the “Veepy Jetpack model” from now on.... ***PROJECT COMPLETED*** Objective: Create a highly detailed and accurate 3D printable file for The Cirrus X3 Jetpack. Requirements I set...
  8. 13thhr

    Rocketeer: Excitement in the Air

    Every so often I go looking for this short documentary made about the same time as the 1991 film. There is a grainy copy on YouTube but it was never released in any formal way to my knowledge. It is very 90s, with some annoying quick cuts and whooshing sound effects as well as being pretty...
  9. 13thhr

    Rocketeer mini figure

    After my daughter (who is 5) watched the Rocketeer animated series that recently came out, she got interested in the original comic and movie. Although she’s a little young for both, she did enjoy seeing some clips of the 1991 film. I thought I’d start making a clay sculpt of the original...
  10. FreddySchramm

    AR-T3CO Custom Rayguns.

    About two years ago I designed and modeled an original concept for an art deco style raygun. I recently Molded the 3D printed prototype and cast a few in hopes of selling kits. I was able to cast 6, but since the mold fused (shoulda used more release ....) and me having to jewel cut it out, each...
  11. tmax

    Unlimited Run Rocketeer X3 Rocket Pack & Helmet kit - On hold.

    This run is now on hold. The Do3D files are not up to our standard and we have opted to redesign this ourselves from scratch. When we are ready I will reopen the run. T. On offer here is a full-scale 3D printed kit of the Cirrus X4 Rocket Pack and Helmet from The Rocketeer. We will be...