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  1. alexaldridge

    HAL 9000 Talking 3D Replica

  2. GothamsKnight55

    Black Panther Helmet Lighting Effect

    So I ran across this amazing Black Panther/Golden Jaguar build from Vibranium Cosplay: I'm having a lot of trouble replicating the lighting effect. Based on his Instagram, he 3d printed the helmet in transparent filament. I've been able to do the same, so far so good. But I can't figure...
  3. Seananigans

    Aliens3 Pulse Rifle, resin 3d printed/pla+ custom.

    My custom Aliens3 tactical black counterless Pulse Rifle, a mix of one off 3d printed resin parts, converted metal Airsoft receiver/Spas12 Airsoft pump grip and PLA+ shroud and Spas cage etc.. I will be sanding , priming and painting it in the next few weeks.
  4. behnt

    Don't waste time sanding 3d prints, shave them!

    Carpentry and Luthier card scrapers are the bomb when dealing with PLA prints!
  5. gnolivos

    Rocketeer “Veepy” Jetpack 3D printable kit project.

    Hello All. My project got to the point where I think it's time for its own thread. This will be known as the “Veepy Jetpack model” from now on.... ***PROJECT COMPLETED*** Objective: Create a highly detailed and accurate 3D printable file for The Cirrus X3 Jetpack. Requirements I set...
  6. krispikarim

    Interest Space X V2 Helmet Kit

    Hey yall, Would anyone be interested in Fiberglass kits of the Space X Dragon Helmet? This is the build thread to the original one I made, Link. Finished helmets can be purchased here, Link. Will update with kit info here soon. The pictures below are of my completed helmet, and are...
  7. brennana

    Black Nova/ Sam Alexander (WIP)

    What's Up! I've been thinking about doing a Nova cosplay for a long time now, and am now finally getting around to it. I've been collecting the comics and he has been my favorite super heros for years now. I've really enjoyed the modern series but I also love the classics, and was excited to...
  8. DylanRose

    Robocop OCP headquarters architectural model

    My contribution to this years RPF Secret Santa was a 3d-printed architectural model of the OCP headquarters from RoboCop! Research I am sorry to say I had never actually need the original RoboCop until recently. It was listed as one of my recipients interests so as part of my research process I...
  9. s2jesse

    S2Jesse / Puzzlebox Zorii Bliss

    Heya everybody. Back with another high end project. This time its Zorii Bliss! As the vid shows, I'm working the gear for Zorii Bliss. I also just started a public FB Group for people to share info for her at: Log into Facebook | Facebook -S2Jesse
  10. yankeetrex

    1:1 Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus

    Hey Everyone, Back at it again with my low key favorite dinosaur of the JP series Dilophosaurus. I sculpted her in Zbrush and printed her on my Creality CR10s. 9 Total parts. Printing the mouth palates and tongue now. I'll update as soon as they are done.
  11. 1030

    Free 3D printed prop: The product from THX-1138

    Hello all, I just made this, feel free to distribute. Here's a free prop of the product that THX-1138 purchases then destroys. Please post pics of your prints - I've just moved house so my printer is still packed up. It'll look nice in blue, yellow or red. Download here: (link...
  12. LtPinkerton

    MIB neurolizer flash

    Hello all, I’m thinking that for this Halloween I’ll be sporting a black suit and shades. And what better prop that isn’t the noisy cricket than the neurolizer to go with the costume. I’m thinking of 3D printing it. I’ve seen several models but I may commission my own or actually improve my...
  13. E

    Random Greeblie pack

    Hey guys! Sorry if this is in the wrong place or whatever but I have a question for you guys. I know these have been spoken about on here before but are there any people selling Greeblie packs? I'm looking for a random assortment of pieces. Likely they would be 3D printed (I'd do it myself...
  14. Andrewhitc

    Serval Cat Furry Mask (3d print + fur adding)

    Hello everybody. In our workshop we currently working under custom project of creating mask of Serval cat for furry costume. There is a 3d model that was created for skull base. A little bit later will upload current prints

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