Rocketeer “Veepy” Jetpack 3D printable kit project.


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Hello All. My project got to the point where I think it's time for its own thread.

This will be known as the “Veepy Jetpack model” from now on....



Create a highly detailed and accurate 3D printable file for The Cirrus X3 Jetpack.

Requirements I set:
  • Must take into account original dimensions, down to the millimeter accuracy.
  • Must be 3D printable at home, hence, must be split into multiple parts.
  • Parts must join together seamlessly.
  • Lip and Groove joints wherever possible.
  • Alignment notches wherever possible ensure proper positioning on assembly.
  • Rivet holes, so its easier to sand, and real rivets can be put in place.
  • Flaps must be fold-able, with proper clearance.
  • Magnet pockets in cones for easy cone removal and access to internals.
  • Assembly features to attach real hardware for assembly (holes, pockets, etc.)
Status February 24, 2021:
Version 1.20 Released, with final refinements. V1.21 a few days later with updated documentation but no geometry changes).

Download Link: Assembly manual:
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The largest piece measures approximately 7in x 7in x 8 in.

I think the best approach would be print largest pieces in a rough large format printer, and the smaller pieces in a detailed high quality unit.


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Any plans to model things like the hand control/trigger and helmet?
I know there are various helmets floating around out there but they all seem to vary a bit in terms of accuracy

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