1. Jake Kassnoff

    Boba Fett Jetpack

  2. Zac Settewongse

    Making the Tomorrowland Jetpack - Build VIDEO, pics, & test flight? sorta

    Woah, this is my first RPF post and I hope I don't dissapoint. I built Frank Walker's Jetpack from the 2015 Disney film Tomorrowland. I have a full 25 minute build video on my YouTube Channel. I spent about a month researching the prop, a month tracking down parts, and about two weeks building...
  3. DavidJGuyton

    Standalone Rocketeer Display Piece

    Hi all. If you haven't been following my all aluminum Rocketeer, um...I mean rocketpack...I make them out of legit aluminum. I decided to do a fun little side project making a display version of the cowl section, with visible rockety parts in the rear. I didn't make the...
  4. CT 1A11A

    DIY build a Mandalorian

    Hello there! Through the series 'the Manalorian' and the ongoing pandemic, I got the chance to make a Mandalorian myself with suitable equipment and armor. Since I have no talent for building a helmet, the Hasbro prototype helmet serves as a basis for me. A little paint and modifications, done...
  5. gnolivos

    Rocketeer “Veepy” Jetpack 3D printable kit project.

    Hello All. My project got to the point where I think it's time for its own thread. This will be known as the “Veepy Jetpack model” from now on.... ***PROJECT COMPLETED*** Objective: Create a highly detailed and accurate 3D printable file for The Cirrus X3 Jetpack. Requirements I set...