WIP Cooper Star Destroyer with Fiber Optics


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Fantastic work, it is good to see the use of green lies to add to the detail of the kit.
Seeing this makes me want to break my one out of the box.

barney five

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magnets for the deflector domes:

IMG_9411 Kopie.jpg

IMG_9412 Kopie.jpg

IMG_9413 Kopie.jpg

while working on the deflector domes i managed to kill a lot of the antenna greeblies, DOH !!!
i didnt have anymore fitting plastic rod here. what i have are tons of supercheap chinese micro drill bits. so i cut off the bottom shafts of these to do the job ;)

IMG_9466 Kopie.jpg

everything in place:

IMG_9467 Kopie.jpg


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Using a magnet for the domes is really a smart idea. Mine are glued on, and when I moved across the country, I had to pack the thing very carefully.

barney five

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working on slimming down the secondary buildings

i cant completely sand down the large one, but breaking the outer edges a little bit will making the side walls virtually appear not so high.
...the thin lining arround the building also helps for a slimmer overall appearence.

IMG_9483 Kopie.jpg

IMG_9475 Kopie.jpg

IMG_9474 Kopie.jpg

IMG_9476 Kopie.jpg

IMG_9478 Kopie.jpg

IMG_9482 Kopie.jpg
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barney five

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...not happy anymore with this small detail part i created, so i cut it off!
it was too high, too squared.

two an a half hours work for the garbage can, DOH

IMG_9306 Kopie.jpg