WIP Cooper Star Destroyer with Fiber Optics

barney five

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thank you edge :cry:

i am so happy that i didnt finished the Star Destroyer back then when i started this thread.

...now, everyday i am finding more and more small things which need to be changed or upgraded :lol:


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Genius on the thruster lights there. Im so excited to see how this looks once completed. I did think of doing one myself but have a lot to learn yet. I found doing simple fibre optics on my falcon tricky lol. But i am a newbie at lighting models lol.

barney five

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again i decided to kill many hours of detailing work, and going the extra mile for some more screen model accuracy.

Starboard side trench:

grinded off all the extra details and greeblies which i´ve already added, but sadly havent been movie accurate.

rebuilding side trench in progress

IMG_9725 Kopie.jpg