Revell 1/2700 Imperial Star Destroyer

For the “patching” of the upper part I have used Tamiya XF-19 gray color and another blue-gray tone, avoiding using warmer colors because they do not look good in this finish. As with the bottom, I have also used the template I made to enrich the texture with Tamiya white.
135-Moska-Revell-1-2700-Star-Destroyer.jpg 136-Moska-Revell-1-2700-Star-Destroyer.jpg

Once I reached this point, I focused again on the bottom and decided to apply a general white filter to further reduce the color contrasts. My goal is to achieve a finish that looks as close as possible to the photograph of the original model that appears in the book “From Star Wars to Indiana Jones. “The best of Lucasfilm Archives.” I think it is one of the most reliable photographs I have seen of the original model.
137-Moska-Revell-1-2700-Star-Destroyer.jpg 138-Moska-Revell-1-2700-Star-Destroyer.jpg 139-Moska-Revell-1-2700-Star-Destroyer.jpg

Then I went over all the panel lines one by one using a ruler and a hard-pointed pencil, always very sharp. I don't need to tell you that this job is boring and that it takes a few hours, but if the model asks me, I am at his service.
After going over all the lines, I ran a soft eraser over the entire surface to reduce the effect and eliminate any lines that had left the bas-relief.

Finally, I used powdered graphite, applied with a short bristle brush, to lightly shade around the main volumes and outline some areas. For example, the side bands. It is still possible that I decide to apply a last very light general white filter.
141-Moska-Revell-1-2700-Star-Destroyer.jpg 142-Moska-Revell-1-2700-Star-Destroyer.jpg

Returning to the top, at this point, I have already applied a first general white filter and I am starting the paneling with a pencil. Taking note of previous work, I'm trying to make it even more subdued to maintain scale.
143-Moska-Revell-1-2700-Star-Destroyer.jpg 144-Moska-Revell-1-2700-Star-Destroyer.jpg

You see, many steps and a lot of painting work to give a good finish to a model that, according to some, is simply “white”.

Thanks for looking.
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Hello friends.
At last!! At the cost of losing a few hours of sleep, I have finished going over all the panel lines with a pen. It was worth it. I'm VERY happy with the final result and I think I'm going to call it a day with the paint job. Just go over some details with a dry brush.
I couldn't resist the temptation of making a little video. I hope you like it.

Thanks for watching.

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