WIP Cooper Star Destroyer with Fiber Optics

barney five

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...starting the heavy Woodwork !
(ok, MDF actually ;))

IMG_9960 Kopie.jpg


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That's really nice! Drooling with envy and chomping at the bit to be able to get mine moving along (I'm so far behind where I wanted to be by now!).

Great job!


barney five

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Thank you Dan.

One of the biggest Challenges in this build was to allign the upper Hull Plates and Buildings/Superstructures to the lower construction.

I managed to get an almost perfect fit without glueing, screwing or magneting the upper parts to the lower hull.
They are actually resting loose in place with just a few guide notches i glued in, so that the complete model will always be fully accessable for maintaining, repairs or later improvements.


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Absolutely brilliant, and very enjoyable/informative build thread !
Congratulations on a beautifully finished model and thank you for sharing this.



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that looks awesome! I love the base too. I'd love to buy the RC SD but I'd be castrated by the wife if I shelled out that kind of money on a kit.
I shall enjoy yours instead! Thanks for sharing the build. It was a great read and highlighted just how challenging it was as a kit.
I heard that the newly tooled RC SD is 'easier' to put together. Dunno how true that is as it still looks pretty full on but no more than any other resin kit I dare say.


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Amazing, your living room would be mine if I were single. I think the missus would allow a 1/1 Artoo replica in ours, but that'd be pushing it.


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Wow. You hit it out of the park. Im considering getting the new version to add to my collection as I have some free time on my hands for the next year. The Deago MF is done and this is the next logical step.

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