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As the title says, I hope to finally start and eventually finish my ANH Star Destroyer. I've worked out most of the parts over the last 5 years or so, but I now want to tackle the dimensions. Since detail plates from the 5" Millennium Falcon were used in the trenches, I figured I'd start making those to help determine the length. I'm starting with the 8rad plate.

I'm a slow builder hindered by reluctance to cut parts in fear of messing up, but I'm trying to break that habit and actually build more after 14+ years doing SS modeling. However, please bear with me as I try to move along this journey.

More progress soon...



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The parts used in the trench of the 1977 SD were castings. As such, there was some shrinkage. If you use actual kit parts to lay out that trench, the entire ship will be too long.

Ask me how I know. . . LOL ;) ;)

I've given this a lot of thought as well, and while my resin may not shrink as much as the ILM resin, I'm hoping my casts will be acceptable or close in regards to dimensions....fingers crossed! But yeah, casts are the way to go, I couldn't afford multiple plastic 8rad plates for the various ANH models so that's definitely out of the question, haha.

Thanks for the advice and sharing your build! I may have to pick your brain later if that's ok.

One idea... maybe a new concept ISD where the wedge has flat decks inlaid into the sides...actual radar equipment stop the bridge..
CIWIS, etc.

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