WIP Cooper Star Destroyer with Fiber Optics

barney five

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finally been able to start building my Cooper Star Destroyer. i´ve never used fiber optics before.
starting with the bridge and drilled 110 tiny holes. i used a 0,75mm drill bit and 0,50mm fibers:



some test lighting:



doesnt look like 110, and looks a little bit undefined as for now, but i think thats mainly because the fibers are not trimmed down yet.

Right now working on the lower hull and preparing the side trenches for fibers.

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Re: Cooper SD Avenger with Fiber Optics

I think it's looking great. I'm really jealous of the people who have picked this kit up. I really want one, but it's just out of my price range.

I can't wait to see more. Take lots of pictures. :D


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Re: Cooper SD Avenger with Fiber Optics

Lookin fantastic..........I actually drilled the vast majority of my holes for FO last night!!! I purchased the FO in the form of a lamp at Wal-Mart ($15)......got two of them actually. Bought a tiny bit from Hobby Town.......got several thinking I'd be breaking them right and left.........but one did the trick. :) I stuck the fibers in just to test the lighting using my mini maglite........and I sat staring at my little experiment for over an hour.........it just looks so cool. I haven't glued the fibers yet as I want to get rid of light leaks first. I did about 80% of the holes needed in about 3 hours last night. Kept the dremel on the lowest setting and it never got overly hot nor did it seem to melt the plastic so much.

It's true that it doesn't look right in photos when the fibers aren't clipped. Once they are however, it will bring a tear to your eye.........so freaking beautiful!!!

Can't wait to see more Barney. :)


PS if you don't mind my asking, how do you plan to rig the fibers up to LED's??? Do you use metal tubing or plastic tubing etc??? I've only dealt with FO once before with an Ertl Star Destroyer and it had everything in the kit........???
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barney five

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made some more progress !

firstly i´ve worked out a solution to power the model up without having a cable sticking out the model somewhere.


all rigged up! i used heat shrinkink tube to attach the LED´s to the Fibers.


powered up




main hangar test lighting !





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So you are using single strands of 50mm FO?

I have some samples on hand of the different sizes they sell.

Looks bigger than that in the pics, even the unlit ones.

Is this a decpetion of the photos?


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NIIIICCCEEEE!!! I'm working on mine right now without lights. Your project really makes me appreciate what a good lighting job can do!


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Wow! That is amazing!

What glue are you using to fix the fibres in place?

Can you PM some details on the kit? I would love to get hold of one!




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Woo hoo, looks awesome! I love the lit models :cool I need to get off my bum and break apart my "fantasia lamp" to put its fibres to better use.

That's going to look so amazing when all painted up and trimmmed.


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I LOVE IT! I have one of Randy's kits that I haven't started yet. I really want to light it, so see this in progress is really great! Keep it up, give us details! :) :)

barney five

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some more progress.

have assembled the upper hull and the buildings and drilled all holes for fiber optic.
the buildings alone have nearly 700 holes for the fibers. all in all i think i will have more than 1200 holes when finished.
someone has asked about the glue. i'm using whiteglue for the fibers.





and here a small comparison between coopers masterpiece and the old Ertl Star Destroyer.




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