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Now i'm working on the Rinzler helmet for my other son. but i won't have time to make a mold for it before halloween. I'll just poke some holes through the foam/bondo. He's gonna be so jealous of his brother!:behave

Here's some other random pictures...
Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

That is pretty amazing!

In my opinion the lower jaw-line flares out a bit too much, but it's probably one of the most accurate *finished* C.L.U. helmets I have seen.

Awesome job!

I have kinda stopped as of late with mine, I re-started with the pepakura xbox avatar version because while my free-hand version was great, pepakura seems easier and more accurate so far. But I don't need it for Halloween, so I'm not worried. I'm more or less developing the script instead... (For my personal fun project in video production college I want to do a Tron: Legacy sequel.)
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Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

Thanks, and good luck with your script!

And I totally agree about the jaw line - it's one of those things that in certain angles stands out to me, too. I appreciate the feedback.

If I can be honest, my plan is to sell a couple of these and then reinvest into the master mold with some of these alterations. I'd also add the rear triangular vent features and spend some time tinkering around with a vacuform front.
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Hey, I'm also working on a clu outfit and helmet, (I've followed/ posted on the gigantic "tron legacy costume" thread) and I stumbled across your posts.

It looks like I'm using a similar technique for casting, I was wondering how to were able to remove the model you sculpted from the silicon without tearing the silicon? It looks like you used 1 piece for the silicon mold, i have been using smooth-on's oomoo 25, and needed to make the mold two pieces to prevent tearing, but this makes it slightly more difficult to cast.
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Bsal, you are correct - i'm using a single silicon jacket with a 2-pc hard shell (mother mold). I wanted to avoid any flash or parting lines on the cast helmet. I used Smooth-on's Rebound 25 silicon. It appears that the OOMOO is not as pliable or resistant to tearing as the Rebound. Here's a side by side comparison:

OOMOO 25 Elongation at Break: 250% Tear Strength: 40pli
Rebound 25 Elongation at Break: 690% Tear Strength: 120pli

Give it a try - i think you'll find success! So far, i've pulled off my 1-pc jacket three times, and never one tear.
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Aha, thanks for the info! I will need to order some Rebound, but first some alterations to my design.
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clerksfan37 and Panzer, thank you very much!

Per RPF rules, on November 16th, I'll be permitted to make a junkyard post selling these.
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Time to start saving up I suppose. So you actually made it so you can see out of the helmet? Very nice, if I recall correctly the CLU helmet was solid and they used a camera and screen so the actor could see out of it. I may be remembering that wrong though.
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Yes - visibility is narrow, but good and clear.
Because the clear resin leaves you with cloudy visibility, i cut out the front center panel and glued in a clear plastic piece. It blended in nice.

yeah, I heard that the camera was mounted up in the triangular feature on the forehead.
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that's right - if you look back at the pictures on page 1, it's tinted and you can't see in from the outside. VHT NiteShades - about three passes makes it dark enough.
Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

Awesome thread. Thanks for making and sharing. Also thank you for sharing the info on your JY thread. I was actually quite tempted on sporting one of these on my bike, but a normal helmet has such limited visibility, I certainly couldn’t manage to ride with zero peripheral vision.
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