Tron: Legacy CLU helmet build

Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

Thanks, and it's my pleasure!
someday, i will redo the clu helmet with full visibility...

BTW, i like your treatment to the bike helmet. nice and simple, and it must look wicked at night.
Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

um sir you have my attention now..
whats the news on the Rinzler helmet?

Great work!
Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

I won't be making a Rinzler helmet for reproduction. I don't have the time, and it's already been done by others. I only made one for my boy for halloween. For now, i'm just focusing on doing CLU.

Artfunk has a good Rinzler helmet if you're least i think he's selling them.

and thanks!
Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

Haha! Thanks!

Now that you mention it, I am essentially doing just that: a strip light setup. It's just custom made. Primarily so that i can consistently point the light right where i want it. It was also just easier for me to make up my own design so that i could quickly modify it if needed.
Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

i haven't yet... if it came in smaller quantities so i could test it out, i might.

As a long-term solution, I'm activly working on a vacuum-forming alternative to the clear resin. If anything good comes of it, i'll keep you posted.
Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

Haha! I look funny with it on since it is clear! :lol
I got your cast today, and it is great! I am going to be doing the rear vents, and I think the bottom flare angles are actually pretty accurate!

Anyway, I am really satisfied with it :)

Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

that's an interesting look! heheh
I'm glad you like it. Good luck with your modifications. I look forward to seeing pictures of it finished.

Regarding the issue of the foggy visibility, i have an idea that you may want to give a try: I sprayed a test piece of the cast material with a clear gloss lacquer. While it didn't get rid of the wavy-ness (which is due to the varying thicknesses of the slush cast process) it did make the haziness go away.
I was thinking that after filling in the low spots with bondo, and getting everything smooth, you might try to just spray the whole exterior with the clear gloss lacquer first to improve the visibility. Then, when it comes time to blacken the helmet, mask off the light strip area and spray the whole thing with VHT NiteShades a few times. An opaque black may still be needed in spots to help hide the bondo. You may still want to scab in the clear plastic piece in the front, but with the rest of the front of the helmet transparent (though wavy), you will probably feel like you have a lot more visibility.
Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

Thank you!

FINALLY getting some good time in on the CLU sculpt version 2 (CLU2).

Everyone has been really patient, and I can assure you good things come to those who wait!

Biggest improvements: adding rear vents, fixing the jawline, fixing the back. I wonder if any of the original sculpted surfaces will be left untouched? :wacko

stay tuned...
Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

Bondo is my friend.

I'm tackling this sculpt in four stages like the Quorra helmet:

1- Get one side where I like it <---currently here & having lots of fun!
2- Get the other side to mirror it (tedious!).
3- Add the little details (like cutting in little grooves, etc)
4- Get it smooooth.
Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

I'm at a place where I'm pretty happy with the shape of the one side, but now that it's painted I can see I need to make some minor adjustments here and there. For one thing, I'm not sure I like how deep the triangular vent looks.


(oh, and for kicks - here's a picture of the 'old' CLU helmet up against the new sculpt). Notice the differences? Hope it's headed in the right direction!
Re: CLU and Rinzler Helmet

I'm well into the tedium of stage 2...
Most of the cardboard cutouts are done, and now I'll be filling in the low spots on the mirrored side with bondo.

Stay tuned!
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