tron legacy

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  1. Shriker1

    Tron Disc Proof Of Concept

    So ive been in a different group on facebook and it never really occured to me to share my Proof of concept of the Tron Legacy Identity Disc. I had this Disc modified with Soulinertia's Disc mod set by another person a long time ago. but when i got my disc back it was warped really bad. in...
  2. Shriker1

    Tron Legacy Identity Disc Revival

    Hi, I'm New Here :3 Recently found the 3D Model of the Identity Disc made by I believe Devlin? Im just wondering if i can use Soul Inertia's Blade and C rings with it or if there are other alternatives for them. I'm tired of using the Original deluxe toys and want something i can rely on. here...
  3. M

    Sam Flynn Suit

    This is my first post on here so correct me if I do anything wrong I have seen a few threads on here about making a Tron suit replica I have been contemplating making one myself and I have the following questions Does anyone have good reference photos of where the lights are positioned in...
  4. T

    Require help with Rinzler Sound Files

    Greetings Programs! I'm in the throws of putting together a Tron Legacy 'Rinzler' costume. I'll be installing complete sound effects but I'm in need of some help in collecting the sound captures/files. I have no idea how to do it nor the software to edit or clean it up. Can anybody assist in...
  5. xenotoes

    TRON - Rinzler

    Hello, programs! Awesome to meet you all :D I'm Beth; I've been lurking on here regularly for good few weeks now but finally bit the bullet and joined a couple of days ago. I've been costuming on-and-off for about a decade now (mostly Star Wars), but I haven't had time to build anything at all...
  6. RiCor

    Tron Legacy - Sam Flynn's Identity Disk

    About a month ago I finally started working on modifying the Deluxe Identity Disk toy after figuring out all the details during the last few months. Figuring out all the details has been a big learning experience and I’m glad to have finally started. I also launched a website, on...
  7. Superpants

    Sam Light Suit and Identity Disk- Tron Legacy

    I recently built a full, practical light suit for a party- This is an introduction to how I put it together. I have put a comprehensive write up on my own site, with a few more photos: I'll break this down into a few posts. I started my costume build...
  8. Iakona

    Show us your TRON Props Thread

    Hello, Iakona here. This is my first thread. I noticed there wasn't a collective thread specifically for Tron and Tron Legacy props and replicas. To start, here is my collection so far. Show me yours. Some are fan made, some are from Spin Masters, A&R Collectables, and Flynn Lives/42...
  9. S

    Tron Legacy Identity Disc with Retracting Blade

    Hey all, Been a member of these forums for a long time but finally getting to a project I think is worth posting. After a long day doing not much at work and a lot of sugary pop, I think I found a way to create a retracting cutting surface for an identity disc. The idea is the cutting surface...
  10. therinzler1825

    Tron Legacy: Rinzler Costume

    So I have been working on a really high quality Rinzler costume and I wanted to know what could I use for the body parts? I know they castes using foam latex, but I wanted a little cheaper route, maybe possibly silicone? I'm going to use a morph suit for the under suit and the helmet I made from...
  11. Cubrisse

    Daft punk helmet sculpt by Cubrisse

    Hi I post here a realization that I am doing daft punk helmet, I do it in a more complex way in order to be able to choose each pieces and each color.
  12. zomgjared

    TRON: Legacy User v2.0 [WIP]

    Hello programs! The time has come for me to take my passion for Tron: Legacy to the second level. I previously made a fun build out of neoprene foam (below), but I'm ready to step up my game and go all out. I commissioned some 3D modeling work from the great skylu3Design. It turned out...
  13. Genesis

    Tron Identity disc (yes, another one)

    Hello guys :) here is a little post about my tron disc prop. An event is coming an based on favorites movies. So I decided to build my Tron costume + ID disc. this ID disc was not built to stay on a desktop but to be used on my costume. It's completely useless to have something with near 200...
  14. teben

    Absolute NOOB attempting Daft Punk Tron

    Thanks to this guy for inspiration: @kungfucookies I've never done anything like this, so I figured why not? I thought it would be fun for me and my GF to go as Thomas and Guy themed in Tron Legacy style for Electric Run in Cleveland this summer. I read up on the Pep process and it seemed...
  15. Atmosph3r3

    Daft Punk Tron Full Suits

    I am getting a jump on next years halloween costume and i have decided to go as Guy Man. I am already working on the helmet, but I am curious if anybody has any ideas on what kind of coat/jacket would be best to use to sew some EL tape onto for some DP tron suits? I have looked into motorcycle...
  16. EvilTron

    My 2014 Tron Legacy "Evil Tron" Suit Build

    I went to my first DragonCon last year (2013) as Batman with the UD Replicas Dark Knight Rises Suit and had a blast! I even got to talk to the UD designer and all around awesome dude David (I know he's on here somewhere... You are awesome and i wish i could get my hands on the tron suits! :D)...
  17. C

    Tron Legacy Daft Punk Thomas Helmet simple light up project

    Tron Legacy Daft Punk helmet mod using LED strips This thread should be pretty quick. Showing WIP of an LED light rig I'm designing for my client. First picture shows all the parts ready to go. The client sent me his helmet and the visor. The blue stuff is the PETG I had left over from...
  18. Pirogoeth

    The TRON Lebowski

    I've had an idea. What would The Dude look like if he suddenly found himself on the Grid in TRON: Legacy? I was specifically thinking of this outfit, complete with beverage. Here's what I'm thinking: T-shirt doesn't change. Change the color of the pants to black. Black socks under white...
  19. Annisse

    Annisse 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry

    My Siren Gem - TRON LEGACY 2010 movie cosplay Started back in 2011 after the movie release and took about 6 months to create my Siren Gem costume creation. From the online photo research, collected as many reference high res photos as I could, reading the movie costume making articles about...
  20. F

    TRON: Legacy LUNACY! Becoming the SuperUser!

    Hi everyone, I'm David, and I'm a huge geek. [Everyone says "Hi David] So I'm a long time lurker/study here at the RPF, and I've learned a lot from all of you! I figured it was time to give something back, in particular because most of the tutorials/threads I see on here are limited to...
  21. K

    tron legacy keyblade electroluminescent help

    so i have a commission for the dual disc keyblade from kingdom hearts: dream drop distance and i need some help with the electroluminescent material. i wish i could use Lumilor,, but it isnt available to the public yet. here's a picture of a model: anyone have...
  22. J

    daft punk guy man helmet build WIP

    daft punk has a special place in my heart next to Jesus Christ(not really). But seriously daft punk is probably my favorite artist out there not only for the awesome music but also the love of those awesome helmets! ive always wanted to have or make a daft punk helmet but since ive seen volpin...
  23. trekking95

    Easy Tron Castor costume??

    Hi there everyone!!! Just wondering, does anyone have any ideas for a easy Tron: Legacy Castor costume? I need one for a new years costume thing so it has to be stuff easily found quickly! And I cant sew more than a simple line so forget that! :p Also NO EL WIRE ideas!!! Its too little time to...
  24. Johnnymuffintop

    Sam Flynn's Helmet Pep File

    I've seen a lot of requests for the Tron Legacy Sam Flynn helmet pep file. Well, I'm pleased to announce that those requests will soon be answered. BEHOLD! Download here Expect to see the flying guys' helmet as well.
  25. Deric

    Rewatched Tron Legacy (ramble on)

    ****WARNING REALLY LONG RAMBLING RANDOM THOUGHTS ARE BELOW**** ****I AM BY NO MEANS A MOVIE CRITIC, IF YOU CHOOSE TO READ THIS YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK**** I just rewatched Tron Legacy and after seeing it again I must say for the most part they did an awesome job. I know a lot of people...

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