Unlimited Run Tron: Legacy Rinzler helmet


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Greetings Programs!

You can now get a 4th Tron helmet from me: Rinzler! - either fully finished or raw cast.
You can read more about how it was built here.

**I have updated the lighting from a one-color EL wire to an RGB LED strip that comes with a remote control to change between 20 different colors (including white), adjust brightness, and offers a few strobe/fade effects!!**

Here are the options (shipping is extra - pm me your postal code for actual costs):
- Raw Cast: $170
- LED Light kit: $40
- Fully finished with lights: $310
- Add plug-in AC adapter for lights-on display: +$10

The Helmet
is a 1-piece clear and tinted urethane cast. It is wearable, meaning you can see out of it. Because it's tinted, it's like wearing sunglasses. This makes it more difficult to see at night, but possible. It also makes it difficult for others to see you inside. Because this is roto-cast, not vacu-formed, visibility is distorted, but not foggy or hazy. The opening in the bottom is oval and is roughly 6.5in. (16.5cm) wide x 8.1in. (20.5cm) deep. It slips over my head with little problem (gotta tuck ears in), and my head measures a circumference of 23in. (58.4cm). Once my head is in I've got lots of room. It's just the opening area that is tight.

The LED Light kit includes custom RGB LED strip, 3-foot extension wire, 12v battery pack (for 8 AA batteries), remote control to change color (20 colors including white!), brightness, fade/strobe effects, on/off.

Also included with either raw cast or finished are the lenses required to help disperse the light. There are four white lenses for the sides, and one white lens for the back.

I do not include foam padding, as everyone's head is sized differently.

And last but not least, this helmet is not for road-use!!! It's not protective AT ALL, and is intended for cosplay or display.


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Whoa! Those pictures are radical! This right here is what motivates me to make these helmets - seeing the end result.

Great work pulling it all together & thanks so much for sharing!!!
Yes! I can still take requests on all of my helmets - but I'm looking at my calendar and this month is sketchy. Would you (and anyone else interested) be up for a September delivery?
My cast has arrived safely today. A good product, turned round quickly, good communications and well packed. Very happy with it & can't wait to get it finished.
This Rinzler Helmet ROCKS!

A few pics from Wizard World New Orleans earlier this month when I debut the Crimson490 Rinzler Helmet with my UD Replicas suit. The Helmet size is perfect. I'm having issues of fogging but im looking into rectifying that with a super small fan and some anti-fog.
Yes - still selling all 4 Tron helmet styles (CLU, Rinzler, Black Guard, and Quorra). PM sent!

- - - Updated - - -

I'm having issues of fogging but im looking into rectifying that with a super small fan and some anti-fog.

You might also try drilling all the way through the small pattern of holes in the back. It may improve hearing as well as increase air flow slightly. So glad you love it!

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