Limited Run The Neverending Story (blank) Book and Auryn by Magnoli Props

Indy Magnoli

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We tweaked the 3d model a bit more... here is the final colorized version before it heads off for mold making:



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Interested in both book and medallion! :)

I’m not sure if you’ve already planned out how to do the eyes on the medallion. But would be interesting to know your thoughts on them.

It looks like they used transparent pink gems for the silver snake, and white pearls for the gold snake. And the emblem on the book looks like a cast of this.


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Interested in both book and medallion. I can't believe I missed this run until now!

I would be fascinated to learn about your process of determining the accurate size of the book. This is so beyond my own skillset - and I love hearing how a group as methodical and careful (not to mention respectful to the source material) as this goes about it!

Can't wait to see more pics and hear more about the process!

Indy Magnoli

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The sizing of the book was estimated based on four points:
  • Photos of someone holding the original prop (comparing their hand size, etc to the book)
  • Photos of the original prop with a hand written note on what looks like standard sized paper
  • Measurements of a back-up Auryn prop from an auction compared with the Auryn on the original prop book
  • Standard paper sizes compared to the original prop book
Amazingly all the above photogrammetry matched up extremely close, so we're pretty confident about our sizing (which is smaller than what was previously estimated). This also confirmed my assumption that the Auryn medallion and the one on the book cover are the same size.


I'm interested as well. Great work so far I'm looking forward to seeing the end results.

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