Limited Run The Neverending Story (blank) Book and Auryn by Magnoli Props

Indy Magnoli

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Here's our latest 3d render for the Auryn:


A big thanks to laellee for the work!
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I'd buy one in a heartbeat! Always been a big fan and I have bought a couple renderings of the Auryn of the years but none look as promising as this already does! She's a beaut!
I'm very interested in having one!


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Here's the first prototype book finished (made in pleather, a few details off, using the 3d printed Auryn for now):

View attachment 1500642

We're going to tweak a bunch of details and make a new fully leather version with deckled paper, more pages... and hopefully a metal Auryn coming soon! :)

I know your still making tweaks, but my OCD is still kicking in on the corner pieces. Are you still going to be making news ones or sticking with the original sculpt? As it looks like you already cast those in metal. The corners on the movie book are not symmetrical and these are.



I’m really excited about this one!
I know you are tweaking everything so take this as you will:
-The original book looks a little bit larger in width
-The corner pieces look more compact and symmetrical (mentioned previously) on the original
-The medallion and lettering are spaced further apart (book width plays a part in this)
Saying all this, I literally have the highest respect for Magnoli and his work. Always top notch!

Indy Magnoli

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Here are the tweaks we're planning on doing:

• Obviously using real leather and making the auryn in metal
• The book covers will extend a little further out from the pages (the paper will be the same size, but the covers just a bit bigger)
• The embossed border will be a bit larger (extending closer to the edge of the covers). This will move the corner pieces out further as well
• The writing will be lowered

The molds for the corner pieces have already been finished, so the run is ready to go on those, so I'd rather leave them "as is". I know they're a bit "idealized" but they're the best thing so far...


Awesome! I have faith in Magnoli :)
Just curious but does anyone know the actual dimensions of the original screen used prop?

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