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So now I am trying to build the stand. If you remember from before I redesigned it to be more like the style of the Carbon Chamber.

I cut the top and face boards and delivered them to my buddy. He is super busy atm so I am waiting for him to have time to do it for me. In the meantime I started building the rest of the base so that its ready when I get it from him.

Here is is all done and ready for the last 2 boards.

I also purchased a sheet of 55% translucent white acrylic and some orange Christmas Lights that I am going to use to fill in the space behind the openings. Hopefully it will be enough light! I plan to paint the inside of that space shiny or line it with tin foil to help bounce the light.


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And lastly!! I just wanted to inform everyone that I am selling some of the parts I have made for this build. Gotta offset the costs a little bit to get it more within budget!! HAHA Also, I want others to be able to gain from the knowledge and work I have done on this to make their builds more achievable. So here is what I am offering.


Some of the parts in this sale are currently limited in quantity, like the stickers, stripboards, U-handles, resistors, chips, and led caps. So if you want a set the sooner you order the better. I can get more if there is enough interest, but I have to order them kinda in bulk so I need to know I can sell what I am ordering. If not I won't be able to continue them.

So if your interested just send me a PM. I don't deal with sales in the thread. And I don't wanna clutter it up with a bunch of questions so please, just PM me. I will ship just about anywhere, and I use Paypal.

As well, I have put the Panels I created for this build up on Thingiverse for your enjoyment! They are really great models! I hope you enjoy them!


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Hey I just realized this morning that I forgot to post my latest progress!! Here are pics and details about the base.

So I had a friend who has a CNC machine who was going to cut out the pattern on my base for me. But he recently had a baby and has been SUPER busy so he didn't have time to do it for me. So I had to find a different way to do it.

So I went and bought a couple saw bits that were pretty close to the right size. I used those to cut out the circles.


Then I needed to figure out how to cut the straight lines between them. I started by using this circular saw and trying to do a drop cut on it. It kinda worked as you can see below but doing this 40+ times didn't feel like a good solution.

So I finished drilling out the circles and found a neighbor who had a router I could borrow. Went to Home Depot and purchased a 1/4" straight bit for it and tried that. Except for me being a moron for my first cut, this worked MUCH better!!

I slipped a few times so you can see where this isn't super straight...

Once done cutting, I used Bondo to fill in the areas where I failed to keep it straight, let that dry and did some hard sanding on it. My sanding bit on my router was a life saver on this step!!



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Once I had the top and face boards all polished up and sanded down as good as they were going to get, I started to assemble the box.

I added a couple pieces of wood to the front corners so I had something to screw the MDF into.

Then I started to bondo the visible sides of the box to make it as smooth as possible.

Next step was to start painting. Did some black on the inside of the lit area to give it a good base coat for the reflective paint to stick to. Painted the outsides with filler primer and sanded it down smooth. I think I did a couple coats of this.

Then I started painting the outside. I found a can of paint at Home Depot called Carbon Mist. It's a really cool metallic black color and the name was too fitting to pass up! Once i put a coat down I knew I made the right call! This is SUCH a cool color!



Last step once this was done was to put in the foil and lights. I didn't take many pics of this. But I will note that those Orange Christmas lights I used earlier worked great! Only thing I had to do was sand down all 200 of the bulbs because otherwise they were too sharp. This caused them to have a much more diffused light in the bay and made the whole thing look much more even. Again, the sanding bit on my dremel saved the day!


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And finally!!! I have the base finished!! And its all ready to be stood up!
Here are some final pictures of it going up and in its final resting place!



Han is home!!!

This picture actually pains amazing as this project was, it literally kills me to see those lines across the cast. I wish I had spent more time fixing those and making them less visible. Live and learn I guess...Maybe someday I will get ambitious and take him down, mask off everything and do another pass to try to patch them up better. But for now I need to move on.


I LOVE the way this base turned out!!


Need to get some lights above the cabintets and a spot above Han to make him stand out better when the room lights are off.

Well, that's it!! I will likely post another round of final pics once I get the spot above him but otherwise this project is completed!!!

Hope you all enjoyed my build! And I hope that others can use this to help them with their own HiC builds!


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Incredible job, man!
This build deserves much more attention. Really.
Congratulations on finishing the HIC. You have made it look easy.

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Excellent work !! I love it when I find these epic threads just when they finish :)

Anyone know where it's possible to get 1:1 HIC sculpt parts in Europe ?


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Hey gang, so many people have shown interest in my parts menu (up above in post #62) and some of it I don't have available anymore. So rather than giving the info out individually I thought I would just post it here and a few other places so you can all peruse the links at your leisure.

So here are the links to the parts I picked up for my HiC. And what I recommend you use for yours if you want as much accuracy as possible.
These are the parts I dont sell anymore from my menu above. And where to find them.

  1. CF14JT1K00 Stackpole Electronics Inc | Resistors | DigiKey
  2. ASRM1JA47R0 Stackpole Electronics Inc | Resistors | DigiKey
  5. CD4031B: Major Brands : IC CD4031B CMOS 64-Stage Static Shift Register : ICs & Semiconductors
  6. PoityA 5 Pcs 6.5x14.5cm Stripboard Veroboard Uncut PCB Platine Single Side Circuit Board: Health & Personal Care
    1. or... 6.5x14.5cm Stripboard Veroboard Uncut PCB Platine Single Side Circuit Perf Board | eBay
  7. CLF_280_RTP Visual Communications Company - VCC | Optoelectronics | DigiKey
  8. CLF_280_CTP Visual Communications Company - VCC | Optoelectronics | DigiKey
Then on top of that, here is a list of some of the other parts I used. This list is not comprehensive. There are many things I purchased from local stores that I can't link here. Like screws, paint and wood, etc. This is just what you can find online.

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Awesome work! As an aside, I think that one knurled knob may be the same as the one used on the forehead of the AT-AT driver. SO many parts for Boba Fett, TIE's, AT-AT drivers, officer hats and belt buckles came from that Michell turntable.

Elvistrooper makes decent metal versions of the AT-AT knurled bit, if you're interested:
Home of The Elvis Trooper Obi1kenny


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In case I have a Uher Stereo Mix 500 in good condition do you know of specific sites where it would be an idea to sell it .. ?

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