han solo

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  1. MastahBlastah

    FS: Field Marshall Hensoldt Scope Replica (Assembled/Weathered)

    Up for sale is one of Field Marshall's steel Hensoldt Wetzlar scope replicas, assembled and weathered by me. Here's the treatment that I've given it: Scope body blued inside and out Scope body weathered with diluted flat black wash Brass parts aged with Brass Black Brass parts painted satin...
  2. sketcherdan

    ANH DL44 - Dark Energy Creations + accurised Denix C96

    ANH DL44 - additions from Dark Energy Creations: - Scope (aluminum) - Scope Lens Retainers (brass) - Lenses (mineral glass) - Scope Knob (brass) - Scope Mount (cast pewter-LOW MELT 300 F) - Mount Crossbar (aluminum), w/ hardware) - Flash Hider (aluminum) - Barrel (aluminum) - Grill (pewter I...
  3. TheReliquary

    Coaxium Hyperfuel Canister Review! (Solo - A Star Wars Story)

    Episode 3 of my Replica Review channel is up! Canister Rating - 10/10 Coaxium Vial Rating - 7/10 Total of 6/10 due to how the item arrived. If anyone wants me to review their work, send me a message! Enjoy! Dave The Reliquary - Replicas and Reviews
  4. Bash

    Star Wars Volvo Dash panel - Han in carbonite. BRAND NEW!

    For sale is this Brand New Volvo 343 speedo cluster / panel for the Han in Carbonite prop. These are getting pretty rare now! Literally brand new and in mint condition. £400 GBP plus postage at buyers expense. Will ship worldwide.
  5. agliarept

    Han Solo Jacket from Magnoli Clothiers

    Have a white label Han Solo "Falcon" jacket from Magnoli Clothiers. In excellent condition, well made jacket only worn 2x, but it's a bit too short for me. Custom measurements as follows: Chest - 20" pit to pit Sleeve - 24" from shoulder to end of sleeve Back - 25" inches end of collar to the...
  6. Dann

    Star Wars For Trade: Compac Super 4x31 Greedo Killer Scope for MGC

    Scope is GONE, but I have ONE more Compac Super 4x31, that I may sell, or convert to 2.5x, then sell. Pics are in post #8 Hey guys, like the title says, I've got a Compac Super 4x31 scope for trade! In the pics, it's the unaltered one, with the front bell still intact. Now, whoever wants...
  7. skoota73

    WarMachine Replica Han Solo Greedo Killer Scope

    Hi. I'm letting go of this Han Solo Greedo Killer aluminum and un-anodized scope kit from WarMachine. This was painted by Scott Jua. Replica Weaver mounts and screws are included as well. Shipping is $15. Thank you for looking!
  8. frogfreak

    My airsoft bespin DL-44 build

    What's up everyone!? So recently I bought an umarex mauser c96. and I'm wanting to first, make it look more like a real mauser, then convert it to a bespin Han solo dl-44. Here is what I'm starting with: Here is the first thing I've tackled: I needed to remove that fake molded in selector...
  9. Gearhead

    "Traitor's Race: A Han Solo Adventure"- Full fan film build log (Pic Heavy)

    Hey gang! Long time, no speak on the actual forum here, although I've been posting on the official Facebook page. It gives me great pleasure to announce that I, along with many of the most talented people I know, have embarked on the sort of project that every kid who grew up watching Star Wars...
  10. kleemunch

    HIC Build :)

    I purchased the mold of Han Solo frozen in carbonite as a Christmas present for the hubs years ago. I decided that since we are renovating our basement, I would start getting to work on it! A nice gentleman I work with who has helped with some home repairs for us as well mounted Han to some...
  11. thegnome

    Does anybody know the dimensions of the individual Sabacc cards?

    I am going to make the cards to be better than the ones you can buy from Disney or from Etsy/eBay because they have their disadvantages. The ones from Disney are too flimsy to be played with for a long time, and the others are semi-transparent. Thanks for the help in advance.
  12. Han Solo Belt and Holster

    Han Solo Belt and Holster

  13. Han Solo Belt and Holster

    Han Solo Belt and Holster

  14. Han Solo Jacket

    Han Solo Jacket

  15. Han in Carbonite

    Han in Carbonite

  16. Han in Carbonite

    Han in Carbonite

  17. Han in Carbonite

    Han in Carbonite

  18. Han in Carbonite

    Han in Carbonite

  19. Han in Carbonite

    Han in Carbonite

  20. frogfreak

    Want to Buy Anybody have a decently cheap denix mauser for sale?

    Now before the mods move this thread. I am wanting to make an ESB Han solo dl-44 blaster. And I'm wanting to know if anyone is selling a decently cheap denix mauser? I will change the name of the thread afterwards! I couldn't post this on want to buy cause I wouldn't be able to reply to it...
  21. frogfreak


  22. frogfreak

    ESB Han Solo

    Alright! As you may know from the title I am wanting to put together an esb Han solo costume! But here's the thing I'm not wanting to sew anything except possibly a leather holster! But I also only have like a $50 budget so I need help cause I can't find anything that works for me! Now it...
  23. Nm1cciola

    Han Solo Blaster *TOY CONVERSION

    I recently purchased This Mauser Toy Gun and am now am thinking that while it if a fun nerf style gun, What would push this over the edge for me at least would be to mod it into a Han Solo Type blaster. I have searched the past two days trying to find to see if anyone has modded this particular...
  24. Fuzzual

    Han in Carbonite . . . meet Alexa

    Hi all! For this year's May the 4th celebration we decided to create a Han in Carbonite Juke box of sorts. I purchased an awesome cast of Han in Carbonite (the face only) from a member here almost 10 years ago. I'm sorry, but I don't remember who it was I bought this from, so if you recognize...
  25. charlesedward

    Creating Solo Empire Strikes Costume - Need Help!

    Hi all, I need guidance on creating Empire Strikes Back costume of Han Solo. I found the jacket right here - Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Han Solo Jacket Also found the blaster gun on Amazon but it looks like a toy...

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