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Hey gang, some of you may remember me for the Hasbro Falcon conversion I did a few years back. I have been lurking but haven't put up any more work for a while. I just finished a huge LEGO project and now I am moving on to my Han in Carbonite build that I have been wanting to do for years!! Finally have the means to do it and the place to put it!

That's here btw! I have this wall of my Sideshow and Vintage Figure and Vehicles collection. I am going to spread the sea and put Han right in the middle. He will be the centerpiece on the wall and flanked by these cases. Lord Vader is going to have to find a new home unfortunately. He'll get over it.

I haven't made much progress yet. I am mostly doing research atm so I have been reading up on all of the other builds people have done over the years.

In case the rest of you are curious I have found these 2 especially helpful.

kurtyboy My Han in Carbonite panel upgrades 23 Nov 2013
Thrashers Thrasher's HIC build thread
Both have tons of great info and pictures and seem to be a few of the ones that still have pictures...(Thanks Photobucket!)

So I haven't figured out everything yet, but here's where I am at with the build.

I picked up this amazing cast of HiC! It looks soo awesome I couldn't believe I got it! I am still in awe of its beauty and I can't wait to bring it to life with this build.


It's been sitting in my Man Cave ever since just waiting to be put in a fitting carbonite block.

Preparing this thing is going to be the scariest part of this build for me. I have never worked with this type of material and its a piece of art that I don't want to screw up. I am planning to mount it on a sheet of plywood. (what quality and thickness yet tbd, but I am looking to keep this build as light as possible.) I want to fill the backside with something so that its more durable and less likely to collapse if something happens. But again, not sure what yet. (Always looking for suggestions so PLEASE PLEASE fill me with your knowledge!!)

Then I need to clean up the seams and fill in the plywood surround with something to replicate the look of Carbonite. This is another thing I have yet to figure out.

Then I will prepare the surface for painting. Thinking I will do a light sanding on the model, then basically just paint it with a semi-gloss or eggshell silver color and then do a light black wash over it to fill in the gaps and cracks and make the shapes pop. Then once done do an overcoat to seal it in. May even touch up some areas with some more refined painting to make some highlights pop.

In this image of it from I believe the Identities Exhibit you can see that it almost looks like they specifically painted Han's outline with some black to make the shape of his body stand out a bit more. Not sure if this is how it was originally or the result of years of wear and fading or something. But I kinda like it.

I am referring to this thread for ideas on how to do all of this but still not set on anything.
King Jawa "Han in Carbonite" Helpful hints Tutorial thread

Then there are the panels and box. I will talk about those in my next post. Trying to keep this in smaller chunks this time. My Falcon thread had some doozies in it for bit posts!!

Wish me luck and I hope to have lots of great discussions with all of you experts out there on how to make this thing awesome!
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Hey everyone, wondering if any of you have any info on these lenses that go over the LEDs on the Main Hero Panel?


I am probably going to be buying the Fettronics kit, but from the images I have seen the ones that come with it don't look correct. I was hoping to find the correct ones that they used on the original prop but can't seem to find any info about it.


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Ridire Firean

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Hey SirCharles77 ! The board on the left above looks lumpy like it was made out of plastic, whereas the board above on the right looks exceptionally flat.

I would guess that the one on the right is plain, general purpose breadboard with no copper plating of any sort. Kinda like this one...

8000-1010-LF Twin Industries | Prototyping, Fabrication Products | DigiKey

As for the one on the left...maybe it was some sort of vacuum formed circuit board packaging/protection insert?

Good Luck on your search for a suitable material!


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Update time! So I have made some progress. Even though its almost 100% digital work atm I feel like i have made it a ways along.

I downloaded some files from Thingiverse and I have been using them as a base and essentially rebuilding all 8 of the panels in Maya so that I can use them as a diagram to work from, as well as 3d printing several of the parts.

But first I needed a real world example to get dimensions off of. So I purchased an exact cast of a volvo panel and use that as a starting point. Here is the cast. The back side is not perfect because to get the mold it had to be filled, but that didn't cause issues with any of the measurements I needed to its all good.

Then from that I spend a few days taking measurements of the entire panel with my caliper and got it about as perfect as you could hope. I am sure there are a few slight discrepancies with a few of the curves but they are not anything anyones naked eye could notice.

Here are some shots of the final panel all ready to go!





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Next step was to start modeling the rest of the Panel specific details. But first I wanted to do some test prints to see if this is even gonna work.

So I split my panel into 2 parts because the whole thing is too big for my print bed. Then I printed half of it as a test.


As you can see in the following image, the middle section of the print had some issues. The part where it was completely supported by the print support structure.

And this print took about 8 hrs to run so I wanted to be able to test faster. So I sliced it up more and did some more prints of a middle section to see about getting it to print cleaner. Here is what I ended up with. You can see in the bottom print in the image I got it to print that section much more cleanly. This is printed at about 1/3rd the final resolution so the lines will be much cleaner in the end. I will then sand it down and use some XTC-3D to make them perfectly smooth.

I also did a few test prints of some of the smaller parts with moderate success. Here are a few of the parts I have printed so far.

This is a couple knobs from the Hero Panels. This is the raw prints after doing a little bit of sanding.

I did a pass with some Filler Primer and used a couple different paints trying to find something that will look mostly metallic. Not super happy yet but I am still testing. We will see. I might end up buying machined versions of these parts if I can't find something I am happy with here.

Here they are after being painted next to an actual metal part. The color and shininess is pretty close but the roughness of the surface is not good enough yet. Gonna have to do more sanding!! I did not use anything like XTC-3D on this yet. Just sanding and filler primer.

Lastly here are a few more parts I have printed. Not too happy with these yet...Other than the nipples. Those are going to work pretty good.




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Now that I have some test prints working, I decided to finish up my 3d panels so that I have a digital representation of almost exactly what I am planning to build. Here are some renders for your viewing pleasure!!





I also used a model of the box I found on Thingiverse. I started from that and it was pretty accurate so I just cleaned it up and split out the boards on it so that I could isolate each one and know exactly what I am building. The wood work is going to be the hardest part of this build for me. That and working with the resin to clean up the cast as I have never worked with resin and I am notoriously not good at working with wood.


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OK last little update for today then I am finally caught up!

On top of all of that, I have also been starting to collect some of the found parts or purchased parts I am going to need.

I know that those clips are not going to work well 3d printed. So I purchased a set from Todd Blatt, and they are really nice. Totally worth the cost.


Then I started digging through my supply of screws and managed to find a decent amount of the screws that I need. Including some super tiny ones that I can use for my printed viewfinder because the screws are one detail that's too small on that thing to print. So that's great! I somehow had exactly 8 of these which is how many I needed!

Then today I was at Home Depot and found this which should work perfectly for the backing of the panels. Once I figure out how to cut and flatten it!

Still a lot more to find and build but I am slowly making headway!


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Crap one more thing I forgot to mention. I have taken the time to make myself a sticker set for all of the stickers on HiC. This includes the grid pattern on the Hero Panel, and the dotted pattern for the glass on Hero Panel 2. And all of the different colored dots.

If all goes well I will be ordering a bunch of these and I will sell them to people who are interested. These are SUPER accurate to the movie prop. They are far more accurate than the others I had found (which is why I wanted to make them for myself). All based on images from the Identities exhibit so take that for what you will.


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OK well it's been awhile since I posted (I gotta get more regular about this) so there has been a boatload of progress again. Here is what I have been up to.

I have successfully printed one whole Volvo panel!!! WOO HOO!!! It took many tries, and I still don't have a 100% success rate on them but it gets a little better each one. Luckily they don't take up too much filament each time I have a fail. Just mostly time. Right now the small half takes about 17 hrs to print and the large half takes around 29 hrs! So thats 46 hrs to print just ONE volvo panel! Yes I know, not the most efficient thing in the world but its what I got. And because of the nature of the panels I don't feel like doing a mold and casting them is a great option.

Here is my panel in front next to the original cast in the back.

I also ordered the Fettronics light kit! I am SO glad this is an option because having to do the electronics for this myself would have been a NIGHTMARE!!! That being said, there are a few elements of this kit I am not super happy with and am finding replacements for.

Here is the kit as ordered. The electronics are super easy to wire up to the board. Although pay close attention as the colors of the wires on some of the parts do not match the video on the website. As a result its easy to get a little confused what goes what direction when plugging it all in.

The main things I am going to replace are the LED Caps. As you see here looking at the original vs the ones in the kit are not the same shape.
This is a shot of the HiC from Identities.

Here are the caps that come with the kit. As you can see these have that mushroom hangover on them and the originals appear to not have that shape.

I was looking online and I managed to find some that looked more correct. So I ordered a few different colors to try them out.

The other part I need to replace is the "Circuit board backing and microchips" that go behind the displays. The ones that come with the kit are apparently a casting of a 3d print and are really not very good looking at all. So while I haven't found all of the parts for this, it appears that the back of the original was some form of Stripboard. I found one a while ago that appeared to be really close in measurements to what I am seeing on the Identities prop. So I am ordering that. Still haven't found the smaller components for it though.


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The next big development was that a few weeks ago I found a Uher Stereo Mix 500 which is the original mix board where they got the T-Levers from for the Hero Panel! It was at a guitar center in Appleton, WI!! I ordered it and had it shipped. Here it is!


The T-Levers are plastic but they are very well painted to look metal and they have a quality about them that is different from more modern plastic. Not sure what it is. But they are nice. It comes with 5. I kept 3 for my build and already found homes for the extra two. But gonna keep my eye out for more now that I know the Mixer they come from.

Oh I also just tonight modified my 3d model to be more accurate based on this new info. I can now 3d print as many of these T-Levers as I need and they are pretty much perfect!


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Now the last thing I am going to post for tonight is my progress on my box. I finally went and purchased my wood! And I organized my Garage so I would have room to work on this thing!

You can see my wood and saw horses in the back ready to start!

So I got to work measuring out my boards and cutting my surface and sideboards. Gotta get those done first, then I will figure out how to mount it all together once I get that far.
First cut is about to happen!

Got the face and sides cut in the first night.

Once I had them all cut to size I started working on cutting out the holes for the panels.
I had a accurate 3d model, so I took some images from that, sized them properly in Photoshop, and printed out myself some templates.

Cut out the templates so that I could draw them onto my panels.

And then went to work with my jigsaw cutting!! Just got the jigsaw delivered from Amazon today in fact!

Then I started the same process on one of the side panels with my side panel template.

Here is my 3d printed panel sitting in the template. Looks like I measured it all correctly!

This is how far I managed to get before I had to stop today.

So I have the bottom panel done, and one side panel about half done. Rain made me put the rest on hold. Will likely pick it up again next weekend. So stay tuned!


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Oh and of course I forgot to post about a couple other small things.

I have almost all of my 3d printed parts (besides the Volvo panels) printed, sanded, and ready to be assembled!


And I spent a little bit of time building a 3d model of what the final thing is hopefully going to look like mounted. I had to figure out how far it has to be away from the wall because of the sloped ceiling. And I wanted to know how many of my Detolf cabinets I could fit next to it on the wall.
Here is what I came up with.

In the process I designed a base. I am not super happy with it yet. I want it to look like the Freezing Chamber on Bespin but I am not sure yet how to get it there. Because I also want lights to shine up on the HiC from it. I think I like the face, but the holes in the sides and top are not working yet. Gonna keep playing with it.


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OK a few more updates incoming! First off the block. I have made lots of progress on the Carbonite Block. I got all of the sides cut out and assembeled with a starting frame on the inside of it.

Measured and cut out the top board!

Starting to assemble the Block. Getting all of the edges to stay up and hook together was a bit of a challenge. But once I get one in the rest went pretty easily. It was just a matter of getting that corner board in place and screwed in. Once that was done it got much easier.

Here all of the sides are in place and the corners are all screwed into place.

And I have got some of the cross boards in to support its weight as well as the back boards for the panels to mount into.

That's where I have it at currently. I am taking a couple week break from this so it will be a bit before I get any more progress made.


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A few other bits of progress...

I have my printing process down for my Volvo Panels. I currently have 14 of the 16 halves I need to print to make them and 1 panel is completely assembled and in the paint booth atm.

Here is what it looks like along with the rest of the parts I needed placed on it ready for assembly!
As you can see there is some damage to this on on the top in the middle. I have cleaned it up better than what you see here but it will never be perfect. So I am using this for the bottom left panel since that one is kinda the furthest away from the viewers line of sight. It will never be noticed that it has issues.

For the backing I found a roll of Aluminum Flashing at Home Depot for like $10. It looks great and it cuts super easy with a regular scissors.


I ordered this Stripboard from eBay for like $3. It's exactly what they used as far as I can tell (The measurements match up perfectly) for the back of the displays on the hero panel. I am going to use these to replace the ones that came with the Fettronics kit for a better overall look.

I have been struggling trying to find 2-3/4" U-Handles for the hero panel. A guy in one of my Facebook Groups made a Jig out of wood and is bending metal rods to make his. Seemed like a good idea. So I ordered 2 Aluminum rods from Amazon for $9 and made myself a jig in Maya. I am currently 3d printing it and will post once I test to see if the ABS Plastic is strong enough to withstand the force applied to bend the metal. I am hopeful!!



Lastly I did some paint tests and finally came down to these 2 paints for the non-hero panels base coat. I decided on the one on the right I think as it's a bit more bluish and I think they generally have more of a bluish color in most pictures.

And lastly for tonight, here is a picture of all of the parts I had ready as of a few days ago. I still have alot to do but its getting much closer!

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