1. DaBuild

    Workshop upgraded with Han Solo in carbonite

    Hello people! I know it's nothing fancy compare to what you guys make in this group but I recently upgraded with shop with a Han solo in carbonite! Nothing fancy but I'm quite happy with the result. Pretty inspiring looking at it in the shop while building props! Cheers! Dan
  2. 13doctorwho

    The Jason In Carbonite

    Ever since I saw Return Of The Jedi I've wanted to make me in carbonite. Over the years I built a Han in carbonite and realized a second carbonite block was impractical. Looking through a making of book I saw some panels of the head of Han in carbonite that were used to test the look. That gave...
  3. Dazza007

    Han in Carbonite - Kiwi Build

    Hi All, My first post here, but it looks like the perfect place to chronicle my Han in Carbonite Build. I'll try and keep an accurate BOM for anyone interested in creating their own. And the plans I created for the box and base I'll add to the second post. So I started with Wes Cokes Mold...
  4. zenix

    Unlimited Run Zenix's consolidated HiC Han in Carbonite Parts: Metal greeblies, CNC box kit, panels and more!

    Hey, just consolidating and reposing. I've got a few things available and will update this thread throughout the summer as I add new exciting things. Everything's at my site, Carbonite Build Parts and Kits If you're building a full size replica of your favorite frozen smuggler...
  5. SirCharles77

    SirCharles77's Han In Carbonite Replica

    Hey gang, some of you may remember me for the Hasbro Falcon conversion I did a few years back. I have been lurking but haven't put up any more work for a while. I just finished a huge LEGO project and now I am moving on to my Han in Carbonite build that I have been wanting to do for years...