1. Elfenstahl

    Dark Energy Creations Luke Dagobah / Muppet Blaster front kit with resin pistons/motor coils

    Up for sale is a Dark Energy Creations Luke ESB Dagobah / Muppet Blaster front kit with resin pistons/motor coils It consists of: aluminium bull barrel aluminium flash hider (ANH without holes) with mounting screw resin pistons/motor coils Never used, in like new condition...
  2. Elfenstahl

    Star Wars Boba Debt Luke ESB Blaster Kit

    Up for sale is a Boba Debt Luke ESB/Bespin Blaster kit. It consists of: aluminium scope mount with screw aluminium flash hider resin pistons/motor coill Never used, in like new condition. Shipping within Germany: 5,50 Euro Shipping within EU: 14 Euro Shipping to USA: $41...
  3. frogfreak

    My airsoft bespin DL-44 build

    What's up everyone!? So recently I bought an umarex mauser c96. and I'm wanting to first, make it look more like a real mauser, then convert it to a bespin Han solo dl-44. Here is what I'm starting with: Here is the first thing I've tackled: I needed to remove that fake molded in selector...
  4. mugatu

    Want to Buy Full corner to corner HIC front panel cast

    I am looking for a cast of the 1:1 Han Solo frozen in carbonite. I want a cast that has the correct and accurate carbonite flow in it, not just the cutout of Han. Please let me know if you have one to sell, or know of someone who sells them, or someone still making these. Thank you!
  5. frogfreak

    ESB Han Solo

    Alright! As you may know from the title I am wanting to put together an esb Han solo costume! But here's the thing I'm not wanting to sew anything except possibly a leather holster! But I also only have like a $50 budget so I need help cause I can't find anything that works for me! Now it...
  6. SirCharles77

    SirCharles77's Han In Carbonite Replica

    Hey gang, some of you may remember me for the Hasbro Falcon conversion I did a few years back. I have been lurking but haven't put up any more work for a while. I just finished a huge LEGO project and now I am moving on to my Han in Carbonite build that I have been wanting to do for years...