boba fett

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  1. Kylash

    Star Wars Rubies Deluxe Boba Fett Helmet

    This is a rubies deluxe from Target that I started to modify and haven’t had the time to work on. The sides were removed, some of the clips broke when they was done, and the various abs parts that make the main helmet were superglued together. It’s got some songs and scratches on the visor but...
  2. joshjango

    Full Custom Mandlorian Armor

    FOR SALE: one of a kind custom Mandalorian Armor kit/cosplay. Approved in the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. Shipped from Northern California. Buyer pays shipping. Includes: -Helmet -Jetpack -Chest Plates -Bicep Armor -Elbow Plates -Gauntlets (Man of War Studios) -Gloves (Size L) -Utility...
  3. Boba87Fett

    Star Wars FS: Elstree Precision Co Ltd Boba Fett Gauntlet Laser #40 with CoA

    Hi everyone, Up for sale is one of my Elstree Gauntlet Lasers - specifically #40 with display case and a signed CoA. I originally purchased 5 from our run and did not anticipate making any of them available. This is likely the only one I will ever sell from my collection from that run. The...
  4. Sni9er

    Interest Boba Fett (The Mandalorian) Brass Buckle - JJ Industries UK

    Hey folks! we're just wrapping on our design for the Boba Fett Buckle from the Mandalorian designed & scaled for a 2.25in belt the finish we need some opinions on (solid brass or zinc plated) the cost will be £31 for Solid Brass or £21 for Zinc + Brass Plating (you can reply here or vote on...
  5. thawn_es

    Star Wars Unimax EE-3 pair (genuine)

    Pair of Genuine Unimax EE-3 110€ plus shipping.
  6. catboat

    My custom Carbon Freezing Chamber Detolf Base

    So I built a lighted base for my 1/6 Hot Toys 40th Anniversary Boba Fett and my original Kenner Boba Fett. I based the design on what I saw from Jazz Inc and other sources.
  7. DarthWilder

    Star Wars Steel Bracket & Wood Stock for EE-3

    Portumac produced a limited number of steel brackets for his EE-3 kit. (Ha, this one could be welded to the Webley that just sold in the junkyard!) Price includes heavy steel bracket, wood stock, escutcheons, screws, and minor surface rust (it came to me this way). $275 shipped in USA.
  8. jusdrewit

    My 1/8 Female Boba Fett model kit

    Hello! This is my completed 1/8 Female Boba Fett kit, 3d printed by Ny3dcreations. Again another great print by him and couldn't be more pleased. Early on I decided I wanted her wearing a black jumpsuit to mimic Boba's black cloth parts in the Mando TV show, as well as a 'rearmored' look to her...
  9. MasterEdi

    Star Wars Boba Fett ESB EE-3 Blaster

    ... Time to do some spring cleaning... I have a Dave the Bookie Completed ESB EE-3 Blaster to sell. It’s been hanging on my wall for the last few years but I need to make room for some other things. It’s a great deal for any TDH member or Star Wars collector who would like a well done accurate...
  10. BigStick

    Star Wars Sale: Star Wars Mandalorian / Boba Fett Style Armor Display - Fully Wearable :)

    Hey All, Just finished this project after 3 years of planning, prep & elbow grease! This display is a dedication to our troops fighting terrorism around the world. It depicts a mashup of U.S. Military gear & Mandalorian style armor. I'm a huge Boba Fett & Mandalorian fan & this was a fun project...
  11. RussWebb

    Making Ralph mcquarrie’s concept boba jet pack

    A project I started about 3 years ago and is still on going with a few failures along the way. Don’t get me wrong this is a relatively simple construction but I’ve made it twice out of poor material choices and this last time around I’ve decided to make a mold of it so I can make casts of it...
  12. jusdrewit

    Bandai Boba Fett visor replacement question

    Random question, on one of my custom Bandai Fett kits, my visor got some finger nail imprints embedded in it as I didn't realize it was a softer plastic when pushing it in. I've since replaced it with a new visor from another Bandai Boba kit but now that one is gonna be short a visor, so my...
  13. K

    Paint Recommendations for Painting Mandalorian Armor

    I’m currently working on a Cobb Vanth cosplay, and this is the first time I’ve attempted something like this. I recently purchased an airbrush which will be used to paint everything. I don’t have much experience painting in general, and I’m unsure what brand/type of paint will work best for...
  14. mrfrankieman

    Boba Fett - Mandalorian Season 2 Ep. 7 Soft Armor Part Search

    Has anyone found any leads on Boba's new armor? I know the hard parts are all largely the same (albeit with a new coat of paint), but the black fabric Temuera is wearing is brand new to me. Any thoughts?
  15. AstroZopyros

    EFX Boba Fett Helmet reinforcement??

    Maybe this is a question for the dented helmet, but I'm thinking I'd like to purchase the EFX Boba ESB Helmet. The reviews say this is overall a great helmet! However besides a few small paint errors, the main complaint is just how thin the bucket is. Anyone have recommendations, or perform...
  16. BM_BF_ESB_FRONT2.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  17. BM_BF_ESB_FRONT1.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  18. BM_BF_ESB_34.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  19. Frogfreak

    Boba fett helmet build and paint

    Hey guys not sure if it's a bit late, but i've been building my own Boba Fett helmet based on Amazing RafalFett's patterns! Slightly modifying as i was going though to accurize it a bit more. I've started bondo-ing it already, but still have a lot more sanding and filling to go... And i've also...
  20. FilmFanatic

    Don Post Studios Helmets Value? (Royal Guard, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and Stormtrooper)

    Hello Everybody, I have 4 Don Post Studios helmets, circa mid-90's. I'm hoping to find some valid opinions as to their value. Sadly, I've come to a standstill on my movie memorabilia collection, and so some items have to go. These helmets haven't been "ok display" in years. It's time they...
  21. FamousFett

    Boba Fett ROTJ SE Helmet Replica

    Hello everyone! I am new to the RPF but certainly not new to creating things :) I mainly operate out of The Dented Helmet and Instagram. I wanted to share my replica Boba Fett helmet that I finished painting about a week ago. This helmet was painted on a lineage Boba Fett helmet which means it...
  22. jusdrewit

    1/6 Boba Fett vinyl model kit

    I've had this kit since the early 2000's, I'm leaning towards '06 so in college. I've worked on it off on, trimming the vinyl or test fitting some parts but I've never gotten very far for some reason, perhaps it due to my unfamiliarity with vinyl. Anyways, last year I finally got around to...
  23. Frogfreak

    Boba fett (Helmet) 3D sculpt. Any tips?

    Hey guys, been working on a boba fett helmet 3D sculpt the past few days and i'm wanting some opinions. it's still in somewhat early stages, but i wan't to know some opinions of some of you boba experts out there! Here are some pics as-is: Front: Left: Back: Right: And here's on just...
  24. jusdrewit

    Bandai Boba Fett 1313 version

    Hello, here is my take on the Boba Fett's 1313 look from the never released SW1313 video game. I tried to emulate the concept art closely, although I did opt for gauntlets as in other artwork he is shown wearing them. The base used is Bandai's Boba Fett kit and I used most of it, although some...
  25. Frogfreak

    My custom 3D Glenross Dental Expander model!

    Hey guys! Just been working on a little project for a bit and decided I would post it here for you guys to see! I would love to know what you think! And I can upload the files if people are interested!

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