boba fett

  1. torsoboy

    Star Wars Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett helmet (painted)

    Edit: Relisting for cheaper, got car repairs! I am selling my personal Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett helmet, fully painted and assembled. This is a urethane casting of my own sculpt, and the build thread with finished glamor photos can be seen >here<. Full photo album with high-res images can be...
  2. kokkari

    Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett’s Slave 1 Hasbro Vintage Collection

    Custom lit with 12volt internal battery. All original parts included. I will include the original box if that’s important to you. The interior was unmodified when lighting was installed so the interior is 100% functional. You would be lucky to find for less than $150 without mods. About 20...
  3. Indy Magnoli

    Star Wars Original NEMROD Boba Fett Holster

    This is an original vintage NEMROD holster for the Pulce 40 speargun which was used as the sidearm holster for Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Measures about 19" long (including the belt loop) and 5" wide. Includes all original leg strapping with Nemrod branded...
  4. S

    Looking or a Webley & Scott No.1 Mk1

    Looking to Buy a Webley and Scott No.1 MK1 or a No.3 MK1 flare gun for an original parts build.
  5. jusdrewit

    1:6 Boba Fett 3d resin statue kit

    Been working on this guy for a few weeks possibly months now. The resin print was very well done by Galacticarmory. I decided to do no modifications on it and leave it as is as I just got tired of it lol (I was debating making the head swivel, redo the range finder stock as it's too thick, and...
  6. Rook 3

    Boba Fett EE3 "Real Steel" launcher grip question...

    This is a question for those who own REAL Webley flare launchers. The right side handgrip "looks like" it's a plastic or bakelite... like you'd find on a Webley revolver. Is it? Or is it instead cast metal? I've seen replicas and they mostly seem to have metal.
  7. dkraude

    FS: Boba Fett Pre-Pro #2/Promo sling gun Main Receiver Parts Only

    MAIN RECIEVER PARTS ONLY I have an extra Smooth Fine detail receiver upper and lower parts for the Boba Fett Sling Gun Prepro #2 for sale. I purchased this from shapeways. Not much sanding required but there still are minor imperfections that require filling and sanding prior to painting and...
  8. Frogfreak

    3d printed Boba Fett helmet

    Hey guys. i'm about to start on a new project that i think you guys will like. i just recently Bought a 3d printer, and i've been working on a custom Boba Fett helmet. (Extremely loosely based from Rafalfett's Boba fett 3d model, not much remains of the original model however, but thank you...
  9. Jake Kassnoff

    Boba Fett Jetpack

  10. Sieg

    Anyone notice this Luke saber part in Book of Boba Fett?

    This definitely looks like some Luke saber parts to me. We know the real world stuff about his saber, but looking at this shot has me thinking they're trying to show some tech he found the parts from. It has my mind running that maybe the whole show could be a scavenger hunt for fans for his...
  11. haasofprops

    Order of the Night Wind Assassin Shock Staff from The Book of Boba Fett

    I just finished this shock staff used by the Night Wind Assassins who were sent to get rid of Boba. My goal was to create a prop by using materials I was able to pick up at my local stores and not use any extreme machinery (just handheld tools). Here is the link to the template I used for the...
  12. Indy Magnoli

    Tusken Raider & Gaffi Stick: Scratch build...

    My boys and I are building a couple of Sand People outfits. I wasn't planning on doing a thread, so I didn't take many photos at the start, but we love how it's turning out, so I thought... better late than never. Firstly, we 3d printed up a set of mask hardware (found these from Thingiverse, I...
  13. Toadmeister

    1/88 Revel Slave 1

    I completed the Bandai 1/144 kit about a year back detailed here. Lovely kit but it only made me itch for a larger scale. The 1/72 Fine Molds is ridiculous money now, so doing the roughly 1/88 Revel kit. Lining up my paint jars, I’ll mostly be reusing what worked before. The only color I...
  14. Jake Kassnoff

    Fennec Shand Helmet Build

  15. haasofprops

    Boba Fett Carbine Blaster built with EVA Foam, PVC, & 3D Printed Greebles

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to RPF, but I have been a long-time viewer and admirer of everyone's work! I wanted to build Boba's EE-3 rifle which we got to see in The Mandalorian, and now we will get to see even more in The Book of Boba Fett. Here are photos of my process, and if you want to see...
  16. MrSpideyXD

    Boba Fett's Repainted Armor (The Mandalorian Season 2) W.I.P

    Hey everyone, im new here on the rpf and i want to share with you some of my progress on my Boba Fett's armor from The Mandalorian Season 2. Any kind of advice is welcome.
  17. capcosplayfx

    My Screen Accurate Chapter 14 Boba Fett Costume

    After seeing Boba Fett’s return in The Mandalorian chapter 14, I immediately fell in love with its extremely beat up and weathered look, and took it up as my next big project. Three months later, the costume is complete. If y’all are interested in any part of the construction and paintwork, I...
  18. Sni9er

    Interest Boba Fett (The Mandalorian) Brass Buckle - JJ Industries UK

    Hey folks! we're just wrapping on our design for the Boba Fett Buckle from the Mandalorian designed & scaled for a 2.25in belt the finish we need some opinions on (solid brass or zinc plated) the cost will be £31 for Solid Brass or £21 for Zinc + Brass Plating (you can reply here or vote on...
  19. catboat

    My custom Carbon Freezing Chamber Detolf Base

    So I built a lighted base for my 1/6 Hot Toys 40th Anniversary Boba Fett and my original Kenner Boba Fett. I based the design on what I saw from Jazz Inc and other sources.
  20. jusdrewit

    My 1/8 Female Boba Fett model kit

    Hello! This is my completed 1/8 Female Boba Fett kit, 3d printed by Ny3dcreations. Again another great print by him and couldn't be more pleased. Early on I decided I wanted her wearing a black jumpsuit to mimic Boba's black cloth parts in the Mando TV show, as well as a 'rearmored' look to her...
  21. RussWebb

    Making Ralph mcquarrie’s concept boba jet pack

    A project I started about 3 years ago and is still on going with a few failures along the way. Don’t get me wrong this is a relatively simple construction but I’ve made it twice out of poor material choices and this last time around I’ve decided to make a mold of it so I can make casts of it...
  22. jusdrewit

    Bandai Boba Fett visor replacement question

    Random question, on one of my custom Bandai Fett kits, my visor got some finger nail imprints embedded in it as I didn't realize it was a softer plastic when pushing it in. I've since replaced it with a new visor from another Bandai Boba kit but now that one is gonna be short a visor, so my...
  23. K

    Paint Recommendations for Painting Mandalorian Armor

    I’m currently working on a Cobb Vanth cosplay, and this is the first time I’ve attempted something like this. I recently purchased an airbrush which will be used to paint everything. I don’t have much experience painting in general, and I’m unsure what brand/type of paint will work best for...
  24. mrfrankieman

    Boba Fett - Mandalorian Season 2 Ep. 7 Soft Armor Part Search

    Has anyone found any leads on Boba's new armor? I know the hard parts are all largely the same (albeit with a new coat of paint), but the black fabric Temuera is wearing is brand new to me. Any thoughts?

    EFX Boba Fett Helmet reinforcement??

    Maybe this is a question for the dented helmet, but I'm thinking I'd like to purchase the EFX Boba ESB Helmet. The reviews say this is overall a great helmet! However besides a few small paint errors, the main complaint is just how thin the bucket is. Anyone have recommendations, or perform...