1. Indy Magnoli

    Sabacc Night with the boys...

    Just had a great Sabacc night with my boys and Kolbe (Magnoli Props ) now that our chip collection is growing. Most of the coins seen are from Padawan311 though a few are from CloudAll on Etsy. Cards and sabacc matt by CloudAll. A few of the coins are 3d printed by me and the chance cubes are...
  2. lukyanov

    «Crimson Lord» gen.2: Maul's lightsaber from "Solo" (by Lukyanov) [absolutely NEW one]

    Hey. I want to introduce the newest generation of my «Crimson Lord» Maul's saber: HERO. I designed it from scratch, with new sound venting solution (much better than gen. 1), more details and now it as accurate as possible to the real «hero» prop. The references were provided from private...
  3. dz-6489

    Interest Enfys Nest helmet kit from Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I have had a lot of interest in my Enfys Nest helmet. I would like to offer kits to members of the RPF. Price would be around $300-$325 plus shipping. Helmets would be hand rotation cast, probably Smooth Cast 65 urethane resin. The kit would be composed of over 30 individual parts. I have to...
  4. Tanolucas

    1/12 3d printed Cloud Riders Skyblade 221 from Han Solo Movie

    While I finished painting the Enfys vehicle, I started to design the second Cloud Riders bike, to be honest, this is the one I like the most of the whole band, it is the Skyblade 221, for those who saw the movie, it is the one with the sidecar. It is just a little shorter than the Enfys bike...
  5. Tanolucas

    1/12 3d printed Enfys Nest Skyblade 330 from Han Solo Movie ( FINISHED)

    I consider myself a fan of all the speeders in the Star Wars universe, so I must say that as soon as I saw the concepts of what the vehicles of the Han Solo movie would be, I was delighted with several of them. I was able to build the M-68 and now I want to start with Enfys Nest's Skyblade 330...
  6. CGClone

    Want to Buy Solo Belt Rear Buckle

    Stepped out of an Uber at Celebration in Orlando a few years back and this part apparently didnt want to go! Anyone selling just the rear buckle by chance?
  7. zenix

    Unlimited Run Zenix's consolidated HiC Han in Carbonite Parts: Metal greeblies, CNC box kit, panels and more!

    Hey, just consolidating and reposing. I've got a few things available and will update this thread throughout the summer as I add new exciting things. Everything's at my site, Carbonite Build Parts and Kits If you're building a full size replica of your favorite frozen smuggler...
  8. TheReliquary

    Coaxium Hyperfuel Canister Review! (Solo - A Star Wars Story)

    Episode 3 of my Replica Review channel is up! Canister Rating - 10/10 Coaxium Vial Rating - 7/10 Total of 6/10 due to how the item arrived. If anyone wants me to review their work, send me a message! Enjoy! Dave The Reliquary - Replicas and Reviews
  9. thawn_es

    Limited Run Star wars metal coins, credits and Wupiupis for sabacc (tatooine coins-yuzluk)

    New adds to the coins run. Metal coins for sabacc game. -Mandalorian coin : 6€ -Imperial credit: 6€ -Coin Large "7": 6€ -Coin Small "7": 4€ -wupiupi (yuzluk): 5€ Made of zamak metal alloy. Mínimun order of 5 + shipping Shiping to EU: 10€ (for 5 coins) Shiping worldwide: 14€ (for 5 coins)...
  10. Corellian_Spike_Deck_RPF_Potroclo.eps


    Full Corellian Spike deck as seen in Solo a Star Wars Story, made by Potroclo
  11. thegnome

    Does anybody know the dimensions of the individual Sabacc cards?

    I am going to make the cards to be better than the ones you can buy from Disney or from Etsy/eBay because they have their disadvantages. The ones from Disney are too flimsy to be played with for a long time, and the others are semi-transparent. Thanks for the help in advance.
  12. CruxScenica

    Real Upholstered Millennium Falcon Couch and Holochess Table

    Hey y'all, I run a scenic shop in Richmond, VA and I actually joined the forum to post this piece we were commissioned to build by a private client. He wanted a comfortable version of the Millenium Falcon couch along with the Holochess Table for his Star Wars Memorabilia Room. The design...
  13. thawn_es

    Interest **CLOSED** Luke's macrobinoculars resin lenses

    I'm going to do a limited run in resin of the kaligar lenses for the kalimar 660 used on the luke`s macros or for han's binoculars (the art of han solo a star wars story). - Set of a pair builded, painted, static and ready to display for 100€ plus shipping. If there is an interest of at least...
  14. thawn_es

    Limited Run Mimbanese mask

    Mimbanese latex mask or severed head orders available. Both can be sell as a kit. kit include: -latex mask (unpainted) -tenis table eyes (unpainted) -resin horns (unpainted) -resin teeth (unpainted) -leather strips PRICE: 190€ plus shipping (Price include paypal fees and packing) Full painted...
  15. BikerScout

    Han Solo a Star Wars Story Suede Jacket

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a Solo a Star Wars Story Suede Jacket in an XL size. I am hoping to get it as a gift for a friend's birthday on June 5th, so I'm looking for one to purchase as quickly as possible. I'd also be looking to pay for expedited shipping to get it on time to gift wrap it...
  16. Sni9er

    Limited Run =JJ= Qi'ra Brass Cape Clasp (Kessel Run Costume)

    ORDER HERE: JJ Industries Hi Folks! Happy to share our Qi'ra cape clasps as seen on her Kessel Run costume from Solo These were the best reference I could find from the LFL Press Exhibit With that, I Drew the part up in Solidworks and discussed with the community about scaling taking...
  17. SirCharles77

    SirCharles77's Han In Carbonite Replica

    Hey gang, some of you may remember me for the Hasbro Falcon conversion I did a few years back. I have been lurking but haven't put up any more work for a while. I just finished a huge LEGO project and now I am moving on to my Han in Carbonite build that I have been wanting to do for years...
  18. K

    Hasbro Black Series Enfys Nest Swoop Bike 1/12 Repaint

    Solo: A Star Wars Story is a very beautiful film, apart from it being one of my favorite in the series. The artwork is really astonishing and I found myself immediately drawn to the Enfys Nest. My eyes were drawn to the amazing wardrobes the Cloud Riders were wearing as well as the swoop bikes...
  19. tmax

    Enfys Nest 1:6 Figure - Budget Mod

    Hey guys, so one character I really liked the look of in Solo was Enfys Nest I especially love the helmet Was at Toys r us (Canada) the other day and spotted the Hasbro 1:6 figure on sale for $10 and figured why not take a punt at modding it Looking the figure it actually has pretty...
  20. lukyanov

    Done / Completed «Crimson Lord»: Maul lightsaber from "Solo" (by Lukyanov) [SOLD OUT]

    Hi. I want to start my new project. Working title: «Crimson Lord» This hilt will be my next limited run for spring 2019. 3D-Renders: Real hilt photos: It will be ready to install electronics inside, it will be made of anosized aluminum using high quality CNC equipment. Also, I...
  21. thorssoli

    Limited Run Range Trooper Helmet Kits from Solo

    A while back I started working on these beauties Here's a pic showing the fit on my normal, human-sized head: You can see more of my progress photos in this flickr album: Range Trooper Helmet The chin and nose greeblies are cast separately: I'm offering raw cast kits at $210 plus...
  22. G

    Want to Buy Compac Super

    Hoping to get lucky with this. Trying to find a Compac Super 2 1/2x scope. If anyone has one they're willing to sell, or info about the brand or how to search then drop me a line
  23. Buckethead

    Imperial Field Knife | Solo Concept (metal)

    Update: 29.06.21 The full kits from this run are sold out, however all parts needed are still available separately. I do runs of the aluminium blade and guard over on Etsy: Buckethead Studios - Props and Costumes by BucketheadStudio where I also have 3d models available for the handle and...
  24. s2jesse

    Coaxium Hyperfuel - S2Jesse / Puzzlebox Build

    The Hyperfuel canister was my favorite prop from Solo. I've been working on it for a bit and those who follow my Instagram have seen it in the works but I haven't posted on here yet for some reason. I've actually recorded some footage also but haven't really had time to put together youtube...
  25. han_chronicles_color