SirCharles77's Han In Carbonite Replica


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Yesterday I started working on the bottoms. I was thinking about doing some higher level of detail but then decided that since I am going to be displaying it standing, I won't ever see it and I am ok with that. So I am just doing the standard bread pan cavities. So I don't have a router but a co-worker of mine does. So I borrowed that and bought a bit and cut out the holes where they recess into. Worked great! Messy but good!


Then last night overnight I 3d printed one of the pans from my Maya model. Took 14 hrs to print one!! Printing the other side tonight!


Once I got it down there because of the expansion of the ABS and the lack of precision in my original jig saw cuts I had to use a orbital sander to sand down the edges a bit to make it fit. But once I got it down it works great!