Show off thread for The Resigner (Luke TLJ saber)

Here's mine (a couple of in progress shots). Went a different direction than Danny on the paiting of the neck. I also made my own tri-ring, "tried" to dye the green arrow a little deeper green, fashioned real brass rails (I had to) and modified an existing card I had on hand for a more uniform look. I did have to sand down the whole saber to get rid of the little micro machining grooves. After aging the aluminum, I love how the patina turned out (can't really appreciate it in the pics. Ilove this variant of Luke's thin-neck saber, and whil I spent more more time on it than I probably needed to, it was one of the more satisfying I've put together. I tweaked the weathering a bit more after these shots.
On to painting!

Painting 3 and assembly.

The only thing I’m not sure about is the darkness of the neck. Under strong lighting it looks decent but I think I went a little too dark. I might redo it but for now I’m pleased.

This was my first build from start to finish all done all by me. I did have help from Josh Howe at Multiverse Props, Jesse at Kyberphonic, and Halliwax.

Thanks Anakin Starkiller for a fun kit.

Hey, I'm working on a Resigner kit. What is the best way to attach the rails to the control box? The two small holes in the control box are already tapped, but there are no additional screws in the kit. Thanks :)


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