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  • Hey Dan. Got my kit and it’s a beauty. I’m just missing one rubber o ring. What size is it so I can pick one up when I get the threaded rod?

    Hi Dan. 2 questions.
    Any maul sabers still available? Also: is the updated RoTJ Hero on deck after this? Hoping for FX
    Hey man I on your lightsaber run, changed my username, was “Boris K” before. Still very interested. Thanks
    Hi, im on your Maul saber run, i've run into some financial difficulties and if it is possible i'd like to let someone else get my spot. I dont want to do it but im in a jam. If this is OK , let me know. Sorry and thanks.
    I’ve just purchased the Darth Maul black series set but would prefer yours for display. Is it too late to order?
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