DS2V3--The Perfect Cast OWK/Luke ANH/ROTJ saber kit. Launching Sunday 6pm EST

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Hello everyone,

If you've been following Halliwax's YouTube channel, then some of this will be old news.

This Sunday (at 6pm EST). I'll be listing the successor to my v2 builders kit on my website AtStarsEnd.com.

Danny and I call it the DS2V3 or The Perfect Cast Saber.

Now for the History Lesson:
In 1977, when the FX team was producing bladed stunt sabers for Alec Guinness to use in Star Wars, they put the ANH hero saber into a carpentry duplicating machine--a big lathe meant for tracing a cylinder's silhouette--and produced a wooden copy of the hero prop we all know and love. Then, they took that wood master and produced metal castings which were hollowed out, cleaned up, wired up, and used as lightsaber hilts for the film's sword duel.


These metal castings were then turned into various ANH and ROTJ lightsaber props:
The V2,

the V3,

the Death Saber,

the Warehouse Stunt,

and the ROTJ Throne Room Stunt.

Now for some time, people have asked me if I would do a V3 run. But I think we've come up with something better. Using exact measurements from a production-made original OWK ANH Stunt saber casting, along with high-definition photos of the Wood Master that birthed the V2, V3, Death Saber, Warehouse Stunt, and Throne Room Bladed saber, I've created a 3d model that replicates all of the lathed idiosyncrasies of the saber castings that the FX team produced in 1977. What I was after, is basically an exact copy of a "perfect casting" of those original masters--without the individual warpage and damage that was unique to each pull. (That damage could be added later).

So, here we have the DS2V3--or the Perfect Cast! It's a saber kit that copies those original 1977 stunt saber bodies and which can be turned into virtually any version of OWK's stunt or Luke's ROTJ saber--except the hero and Yuma of course since they came from a different lineage.
Perfect cast.jpg
Perfect cast 3.jpg
Perfect cast 2.jpg

If you look at the grip section, you'll see every groove is unique and asymmetrical. If you check out the booster, you'll see how the model flares out as did the original castings. The emitter has a strange organic slope to each face. The pommel cubes are each asymmetrical and cut at the strange angles of the v3.

The hilt is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum. The kit is hollow. It can take the same chassis as the DS2V2. It can also be rigged up to hold a carbon blade like the originals if you so choose. The emitter has a 7/8" hole and can be adapted to hold a blade with some drilling and tapping by the builder. The kit will come with a Graflex clamp included, a D-ring (which Halliwax sourced and is a perfect match to the V3 D-ring), and a grub screw to hold the pommel in case. This kit is a builder's project. It can be made into any number of saber replicas--and Halliwax will be doing build videos for each version throughout the year.

I hope you're all as excited about these new hilts as I am. The price will be $175.00 plus shipping. If you want see Halliwax and I geek out over the details, check out this video

And lastly, here are a few beauty shots of the first build with the new kit, done by Halliwax!

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