Limited Run Darth Maul TPM screen accurate lightsaber prop

E Williams

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For a paint match to the silver: Tamiya XF-16 Flat Aluminum is pretty close, if a minuscule amount too light (add a drop of black, or paint a darker color into the chip first and you should be good).


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So, first off - got mine, its amazing. I was off prequel stuff long ago, but this might suck me back in,

Secondly, Ray Park is going to be here this weekend for Phoenix Fan Fest... I'm debating on getting his signature on this. :unsure:
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mine just came now. and its amazing work dan I will start doing mine tonight when I get home from work my 3/8 rods came yesterday as well will just need to cut a bit off of each rod . did not use the oring as ive already got some that fits the master replicas and efx saber so it made it easy to do. I do have 2 x 3/8 rods left so if anyone need one in the U.K drop me a email. I was going to use a m10 but in the end I ordered some from the USA last week it does make it much easy to do. but for the money its a bang on job dan and thanks for doing the run. I will post some photos after ive done them . thanks for looking


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Finally got my Covertec wheel in the mail. I installed it in the resin with a brass threaded insert; that way it’s as tough as if it was screwed in metal and can be removed at will. I’m loving the final result! I’ve said it before: best kit ever. :)