Limited Run 2nd Run of Accurate RotJ Force Pike - Weapon of the Emperor's Royal Guard


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Hi all!

As you may or may not be aware I've received a consistent trickle of messages asking about my original Force Pike run and recently the interest seems to be rising, (surely the result of Inquisitor Peregrinus' prodding, so you can thank/blame them as appropriate :D ) and I think interest levels are high enough to sustain a second run of these!

Obviously the number of people actually committing is always lower than the number of people who say they will, so it's still up in the air whether we'll actually get enough deposits to make it happen, but I've decided to push ahead and find out :D

For those unaware of the original run, the thread can be found here: Limited Run - Accurate RotJ Force Pike - Weapon of the Emperor's Royal Guard

Also my public research can be seen in this thread: RotJ Force Pike Accurate Build/Research but I will summarise the salient points here:
  • Extremely accurate model designed from many close-up reference pictures, screen caps and photos of the exhibited prop and accurately scaled from multiple known pieces.
  • Fully CNC machined from aluminum, polished and selectively anodized black to accurately resemble the filming prop. The top 'gear' section will be machined from steel just like the real found piece and the pommel will be transparent acrylic as on the real prop.
  • Electronics capable - the original prop had a light inside to illuminate the pommel and there will be space inside to install a light and battery to replicate this functionality or even to go beyond the real prop and add soundboard/speaker if that's what you're into.
Here are some pictures of a completed pike form the first run, and I also invite anyone from the first run to share their pictures/experiences! :)

IMG_3126.JPG IMG_3129.JPG IMG_3130 2.JPG IMG_3131.JPG IMG_3132.JPG IMG_3133 2.JPG

Obviously due to increased costs and ...everything... in the 4 years since the first run I won't be able to offer these at the price they originally were but I'm hoping enough people follow through that we can still make it happen.

I have some preliminary quotes from the machine shop for a run of 50 of these to be completed within a few of months of the start of the run. I do not need all 50 sign ups for the run to go ahead but if we don't have suffient numbers I may have to contact everyone on the list to see if we can figure out a new cost that will let us scrape together the funds get these made.

I plan for the pre-order price to be $295 per pike, payable as a $150 deposit before the run begins and a second payment of the remaining amount plus shipping to be paid once they are ready to ship. As with the previous run, this price is only for pre-orders with deposits paid before close of the pre-order period and I am tentatively planning for any remaining pikes to be available at $345.

To sign up please PayPal your $150 deposit to with your RPF name, real name and address and comment here stating that you are in. I will keep an updated list here in this post. I do not currently have a date for closing of pre-orders as actual deposit numbers will determine whether or not we can do the run. Please only send the deposit if you are committed to this run as deposits will only be refunded if the run fails to go ahead. As with the previous run, if you wish to back out you'll need to find someone to take your spot :)

UPDATE August 10th 2022

The closing date for pre-orders will be Thursday the 1st of September 2022, three weeks from now. As mentioned, once pre-orders are closed any remaining reserved spots with unpaid deposits will no longer be eligible for the pre-order price and will instead need to pay the full amount.

If you were waiting, the time is NOW! :D

Sign Ups

1. kurtyboy - Deposit paid
2. Jamesfett - Deposit paid
3. JoeG - Deposit paid
4. Darth Elevator - Deposit paid
5. GhostOfThrawn - Deposit paid
6. ScourgiousJinx - Deposit paid
7. Slave1 - Deposit paid
8. djedi - Deposit paid
9. OddballFett - Deposit paid
10. Synz314 - Deposit paid
11. Johann - Deposit paid
12. Corbadda - Deposit paid
13. Scimitar - Deposit paid
14. Romlyn - Deposit paid
15. Ryan Clinton - Deposit paid
16. JtheTrenchKnigh - Deposit paid
17. ianeluigi - Deposit paid
18. Rafite - Deposit paid
19. Fekali - Deposit paid
20. Cinistar - Deposit paid
21-26. Inquisitor Peregrinus - Deposit for 2/4 paid
27. FO3Winger - Deposit paid
28. hokie1 - Deposit paid
29. JetSetWilly - Deposit paid
30. kjkelley - Deposit paid
31. RoyalGuard - Deposit paid
32. Erice3339 - Deposit paid
33. crighton - Deposit paid
34. Feedback - Deposit paid
35. Darth Napster - Deposit paid
36. Vdubbri - Deposit paid
37. PrinceZip - Deposit paid
38. PufferGlitch - Deposit paid
39. ethanyu - Deposit paid
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I assume so. I copied and pasted and the receipt says "The Proplicator." I imagine it just hasn't showed on your side yet.

Darth Elevator

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I assume so. I copied and pasted and the receipt says "The Proplicator." I imagine it just hasn't showed on your side yet.
Did it go through or is it Pending? I sent mine and it got held up for "security check" so it's listed as Pending, which has happened before. Not sure if that would affect how it's showing up on Tom's end?


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Hello, this is JJ Jose Juan Gonzalez Rannauro from Córdoba, Veracruz - Mexico. I just paid, the payment will be relase within 72 hours. Greetings

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