Limited Run Accurate RotJ Force Pike - Weapon of the Emperor's Royal Guard


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I'm not speaking for Tom, and this is not promising anything. I'm poking everyone back to when the run closed who said they were interested to verify they still are (and, if for more than one, how many). mordak6, Fekali, FastballSpecial, FO3Winger, OddballFett, Beskar, GhostOfThrawn, JoeG, Somerset, Ljaat, merkava74, Scimitar, Talmon, kjkelley, ScourgiousJinx, PrinceZip, Jormi, cboath, waynefj40, Jgrant, djedi, NedSkywalker, Rafite, Jamesfett, Ryan Clinton, MacCyber, p4ntb0y (4 pikes), Synz314, Darth Elevator, Jediwannabe, glottis, and joshimus -- are y'all still good?

If so, we're at 41, currently.
Still interested


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Yes, still interested.

I have one from the first run (Proplicator put several spares on E*ay and I was fortunate enough to snag one), and it is amazing. The only potential bummer is that I won't be able to use it at Celebration based on my interpretation of their prop rules, so I guess it will see some use elsewhere at other cons.

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