Done / Completed Clue: The Movie Edition Board Game

Marc Wagner

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OK everyone! The time has arrived to get this run fulfilled. Below is the run list. Please check your name and items to ensure they are correct and pm me your email and mailing addresses so I can send you an invoice. Please get your payment in by October 15 so we can get these out in time for the holidays. Thanks!
  1. Topaz Full game x3
  2. gnglaser Full game x2
  3. commodorekorns Full game x2
  4. LifeCinematic Full game x1
  5. DrBellows Full game x3
  6. SethS Full game x1
  7. ajhix Full game x1
  8. Mr Scarlett Full game x2
  9. guardianmonkey Weapons only x1
  10. Chronos Full game x1
  11. Raiders March Full game x1
  12. Jintosh Full game x1, Cards only x1
  13. Uridium Full game x1
  14. Hawkwind Full game x1
  15. ragstorichesfan Full game x1, Cards only x1
  16. nickytea Full game x1
  17. Inquisitor Peregrinus Full game x1
  18. ajhix Full game x1
  19. JohnJNiehaus Full game x1
  20. Ohblee Full game x1, Cards only x1
  21. JMRO88 Full game x2
  22. DoctorBlack Full game x1
  23. Krnlmustrd Full game x1
  24. Ground_Trooper Full game x3
  25. mmasura5952 Cards only x2
  26. Jpdesign Full game x1
  27. ZombieBait Full game x1
  28. jaustengirl Full game x1
  29. charmeleon98 Full game x1
  30. NCC1027 Full game x1, Cards only x1
  31. thundergod124 Full game x1
  32. BoredGamer73 Full game x4
  33. Patrick Gomes Full game x1
  34. Brent White Full game x1
  35. Cyndi Oji-Marchese Full game x1
  36. Sam McGuire Full game x1
  37. bjjensen Full game x1, Cards only x1
  38. lmc3 Full game x1
  39. Pitbull Full game x1


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Hey Marc when I try to start a conversation by clicking on your name and selecting start conversation, the site won't send it (probably because it has contact info/address in it?) Is there another way on this site to private message you that I don't know about?


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Hey maybe it worked now. I changed the wording a bit and it went through. Let me know if you get it and if not let me know what to do next. Thanks Marc!

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