1/9th Scale Jaws Orca (NECA Size)

So, the first try at the table legs was ok,.....not great. I had to remake them. Now they are thinner, 3/32nds. I cut the width of each leg down by 3/16th of an inch and the hight I only missed by an 1/8th of an inch to make the table hight 3 and 3/4 inches. Things like this will happen when there are no plans to build by. That and the figures had no leg room under the table.
The Cushions are finished. I HAVE TO GET THE ELECTRICS DONE (how many times have I said that?) Once I get the electrics done, I can glue everything into place. Good thing I played a lot of Snooker growing up. Running electric wire to where the lights are supposed to be and nothing built or in it's place? It's a guessing game. Hit the Brown ball next,.....No hit the Pink ball!
If I want to get the wiring done, I have to get the mast mounting hole cut, the hole location of the exhaust stack cut in the back deck, and the hole cut in the lower cabin deck for the pipe that goes up to the flying bridge. That means, yet again, I have to mock up the complete cabin and tape everything together.
New addition to the boat. I found this cage on ebay. I still might have to build an aluminium cage as this one is a bit too big, but it's perfect to be put in the water. I have extra diver Hooper figures that can go for a swim.
I also have to Thank C. H. very, very much! You are the Best! Never Change!
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Killer detail. As a past scuba diver in the north east, the thought of sharks scared me. As basically a model boat builder, I appreciate your talent.
Thank you, but that's just a 3D print cage for my orca build. Where in the north east are you? I'm on Long Island.
So, I've been doing a bit more forward cabin research. (If you want to call it research) look at the first picture. Everything is labeled, now look at colors. What do you notice? The left side (port side) wall is stained. The right side (starboard side) is painted white (yes, that's white)
Ok, we got that part. Second picture, your looking from the main cabin floor into the forward cabin AND V-birth. Which means, because of the stain color on the Forward cabin WALL we can't see the open door. What we see is the inside of the v-birth which looks to have the same white side wall (uniformed from the forward cabin). That means that there are 4 portholes in the forward cabin and 2 portholes in the v-birth.
Both Filmsy and FlyingFish showed us this in their model builds.
why bring this up? I need to wire the lights in these cabins and can't move forward until I know what, how, and where. Then I can start gluing everything into place.
I gave up on the below cabin and just made it up. I might have another look but I am using more of this space for electronics in this build.
I'm going to make a micro bubbler to give it a more realistic wave break in the water.
I gave up on the below cabin and just made it up. I might have another look but I am using more of this space for electronics in this build.
I'm going to make a micro bubbler to give it a more realistic wave break in the water.
What a Great idea. You might not have to though. with your new hull design it will throw a different wake from your first model. The reason the real Orca had such a tremendous bow wake/wave was because of all the lead weight they put in her bow to keep her stable. all that weight brought the bow down and the stern up. What did they say in Sixteen candles? Wake,.....Big Wake. Oh that was Lake.........Sorry. lol
The exhaust system is through the deck and hooked up to the smoke unit. The main body and lower exhaust stem are wrapped in braided elastic. I still have some weathering to do. The micro-mark grey/brown stain is done. The heavier exhaust marring I'm using citadel nuln oil. The upper half of the exhaust I still need to work on.
Looking very good...as for the elastics (I've used those over the years for various models), it will fail after a few years:oops::((n)
I'm already experiencing the replacement of a few on my model (the engine bells on my 2001 Moonbus). The mix of glue + the paint is not a good combo for the rubber. It looks good, for sure; but it's ephemeral :confused:

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