Orca from JAWS

I quiet understand you can't post pics,, but maybe you could sketch out a floor plan of what you think the forward cabin and v-birth look like. I'm sure that would help Filmzy with her 1/6th build and me with my build.
Just wrapping up all four walls of the wheelhouse.


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The louvres came to life with the matt varnish. In fact all of the stained elements looked 100% better with the varnish on.


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Quick comparison of the Quint NECA figures; original release versus reissue. The reissue has the more dramatic paint job on the face, the jacket is a different colour and size.


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Found a company in China that make lenses so the deck prism is now installed. A bunch of little detailing bits before I seal up the wheelhouse for good. This week it’s been all about the lower cabin.
Lower cabin beams test fit. Coming together nicely. This week I have to commit to whether I’m going to keep the lower cabin accessible or not. So little was filmed in it I think I’m going to finish it as it was and seal it up. It’s just less to design that way. I bought the prop shaft and will install that too along with servo mount, motor mount and waterproof receiver box (just in case). I’ve cannibalised a lot out of a Traxxas TRX-4 I had lying around (left over lockdown passing fancy). I guarantee I’ll take it out once on the water and it’ll then spend its life on a very big shelf but it’s nice to have the option

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