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Hi all, I don't normally post in this part of the forum. Me and a few others have been having fun making various different scale models of the ORCA. At the moment Lou Sauzedde's is embarking on a journey to make a full-size replica. Lou Sauzedde’s ORCA Build Has Begun!
Everyone who has ever looked at the ORCA knows that not 2 shots of the ORCA match in continuity. Yes, there are where 2 and a bit ORCAs but more than that it was a working move set. I've been involved in many movie bucks and set over the years. So I know just how overlooked it's been on how hard it is to shoot on a small set like this. Everyone how knows all about the troubles with the shark. but how many people think that behind every shot on the Orca a film crew and support boats are hiding? all their equipment, their reflections, and power cables. Every time you turn around the shot, set dressing needs to be moved or stored away to make room for the shooting crew. Jaws was made in a time before video playback so continuity was a job made even harder let alone being at see. Over the time of the shoot metal fixture corrode or rust with the pressure of the shoot some things are ignored.
I don't want anyone to think they did a bad job, after all, most people don't even notice. the film is so well made and the tension so well maintained even things I know about I don't notice while watching the movie. As this site is a wealth of knowledge on everything I thought we could post what we know about ORCA 1 and 2 here. let me get the ball rolling with a few.

I know there are lots more
Thanks for those observations flimzy(y)(y) Yep, continuity is a bitch for sure, especially with 2 (or more) similar boats/sets (Polaroids anyone?):lol:
As you said, not a lot of people noticed these for many years...until you could freeze-frame each image.:oops:
Now it takes people like us to point the errors:p...which is difficult while trying to reproduce said model/prop/set. Which one to choose?

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