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  • Hi Laellee, I'm a Predator cosplayer from Australia and I have just come across your AVP-R wolf cleaner kit, this is exactly what I need to finish off my Wolf suit. Is it possible to get a copy of the STL print file emailed to me or can I purchase a copy. Thanks in advance.
    Hi, Iaellee!

    My name is Cristiano and I´m from Brazil.

    I collect 1:18 action figures about Predators (Hiya Toys).

    For years I ´m searching the Armor Predator Wolf 3d stl files to print and customize in Hiya Toys figures.

    I saw your wolf predator in 3d project in this forum. It´s amazing work from you.

    My question is you will sell the stl files of armor?

    Thank you anyway!

    My english is in progress.
    I have been working on my ZF-1 for 3 years in real life but designing in CAD if you would like to join forces that would be great. I also have my own Haas TM-1P cnc machine and have access to a Boss Laser to cut anything we need out of metal
    Hey I like your work on the zf1. I have worked on mines for 3 years based off actual parts. Is yours based off actual parts?
    Yes, collecting correct parts as I go (or as I can find them lol) I am 3d modeling mine off of the correct parts as much as I can so I can engineer fresh patterns for all of the frame pieces and the mechanical parts before manufacturing them... Just trying to get as much trial and error out of the way, I'm sure you appreciate how expensive of a project this can become :)
    OH hey there, sorry I just saw this now. I have never had a tutorial, although I think there are some ones on youtube. I was self-taught
    Just one more question for you, if you don't mind.
    Do you or can you direct me to a tutorial that I may try to unfold myself?
    I appreciate your help with this and thank you...
    Hey Laellee
    You have a re-thread titled
    What pepakura file do you want made
    I have a question for you, can you do the Avro Arrow?
    It is a Canadian built Interceptor fighter jet made in the late 50's.
    I already suggested a solution, but let me try in this venture. There is a good model already offered online, I applied the idea and the link yesterday. Good luck with your venture, it is up-hill but sometimes those are the best challenges.

    God speed.
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