1/9th Scale Jaws Orca (NECA Size)

Yes, I agree with you. Even a very thin weathering wash will darken these colors up. I've actually been reading blogs on how to model a salt water wash along with the aging wash. One blog response said spray real diluted salt on the wood and let's it dry before applying a dull coat. Cool stuff.
Another step done on the back wall. This is truly a model within a model within a model within a model.
Time to find the exhaust hole location on the deck.
1 to 2 hours of work on the orca a night. 20 months till the JAWS 50 Anniversary......hummmmm.
Last night was a productive night. 8 of 10 windows are cut and fitted. The back wall window with vent is done stained and painted. The colors look Great. I've ordered several different weathering washes. I'll have to test and see what looks and works best. The forward cabin wiring is slowing me down badly. I'll be working on the top deck next. Things are starting to come together.
Very well made; love the ambiance for sure:cool::cool:(y)(y) Only critique: some parts of the slits are still bare wood. The stain should be going into those cracks;) Eager to see your next update!
Yes Jo, that's an extreme close up. The glue got in the way. Plain sight you don't see it, and to me it makes the cabinet look a bit beat up and old.
If the stain looks dark, your right. It hasn't dried yet. It's still wet. If you're wondering, why did he leave a section of bench off? You will see why when the cabin gets glued together. It's a hidden compartment. Well,....that a nice way of saying, it's a fix to a **** up. lol. It's going to be where the oil fill tube for the prop shaft will be. When I glued the prop shaft into the keel, I angled the oil fill in the wrong direction. Oh, I can hear you all now, I have a deck hatch right there, angle the oil tube to the hatch. Wish I could, but if I did that, Hooper's fat ass wouldn't fit under the deck. Either that or we'd get an X rating with a tube between Hooper's legs. "I think he's right under the keg". "Get the boat hook".
Cushions need fabric. Thank you Filmzy for leading me in the right direction for the fabric. I had to buy more. Very easy to find. The barrel is done.

Boat hooks and spears are done and need to be weathered. I found a weathering stain that will give the poles an old used look.
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I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. My wife surprised me with this, a scroll saw. Game changer. All the things I can cut now, like Table Legs! You're looking at 6 Legs double sided taped together and all cut at once. Now I can separate and sand them.
If any of you have seen Ian Shaw's play, "The Shark Is Broken " they talked about Robert Shaw taping a bottle of whiskey under the table. I just might have to do that.
Have a safe Happy 2024 New Year to everyone.

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