Orca from JAWS

I thought that this would be easier to show in a video. Foredeck storage is removable for lower cabin photo ops. Eventually I’ll cut the beams and affix them to the removable part.


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So I decided to install a prop shaft on the off chance that I want to take it out on a boating lake. I imagine I’ll take it out once and that’ll be enough. I routed out a channel to receive the prop shaft which I’ll epoxy in place tonight, capped off with a strip of ply. Thinking ahead, I’ll be planking the hull with two layers, followed by a couple of coats of epoxy, thinned down to within an inch of its life. I want to retain the look of planking so whilst I’ll be sanding it between coats I don’t intend on filling any visible seams. This is a display model for the most part but it’s as accurate as I can make it. Caking on resin and fibreglass matting or tissue I think is excessive in my case.


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Gunwale on and the boat, gluing up the shear rails (?) and taking one last look before I strip it right back to bare bones for planking. Adding the rails has instantly created a 3D element that was missing from the overall model and I'm now realising the enormity of the dang thing :p
I started to second guess myself so I needed a quick and easy way to check my hull profiles. Tape is a super quick way to check contouring profiles and once I did, fears were quickly allayed. I’m going with walnut for the planks as I have it in stock in bulk and it’s an easy wood to work in especially for a job like this. Plus machining walnut smells amazing haha!


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