Muppets Now post release

I forgot about this, so thanks!

I've been rewatching the show that was on ABC a few years ago on Disney+, & I'd forgotten how funny that show was. I hated it got cancelled.
I've liked it so far. I'm enjoying the compressed time to each segment. Having 2-3 short "bits" within the same framework of the short web show, and 5-6 web shows per episode, keeps it from getting bogged down, and let's them give a lot of great screen time to the different Muppets.

The comedic timing by all the actors and puppeteers in Fashion STY-LE (Ms Piggy's bit) was amazing.
I so badly wanted to love this, but I couldn't because it badly!

Disney has no idea what to do with The Muppets.

The first (Disney)Muppet Movie in 2012 was fun. Everything after that has been lackluster, which sucks as it's still one of my nostalgic favorites.
Why does everyone think that this has to be "the Muppet show but done recently". the muppets are the muppets. They are the muppets in a movie, they are the muppets on a talk show, they are the muppets in the TV show, and they are the muppets in this. I'm noticing more and more that people are taking new versions of things and saying "It's Not the OLD thing, so BOOOOooooo".


I'm glad it's not the old thing.

If all you ever want is the old thing. Go watch that. It's still there. Nothing wrong with having a preference. It means you know what you enjoy, and knowing what you enjoy is important.

But acting like a new version of something cannot be enjoyed, or is somehow a failure because it isn't just like the old thing is dumb.

New things are at least somewhat different than the old things, that's why they're New things, and not Old things.

Is it a different set up? Sure. Yes. Thank God. Every muppet I saw come on the screen was acting just like I'd expect that muppet to act in that situation. they're just new situations.
Then let me explain it this way. The old Muppet show had heart. This one does not have that! In their mad desire to make it relevant to today, they have stripped it of everything it used to be! I am glad that you are enjoying the new show. But I do not think that you are dumb because you do, as you seem to think I am for not liking it!
I'd say they don't have to the same thing, but it needs the same soul and purity. The original muppets were kind of like a pixar movie. They say it's for kids, but there's things in there at all levels for all ages to enjoy on those different levels.

I haven't seen the new stuff, so i can't comment to those. But there have been new things that totally get it and some that don't. It's not rocket science.
The sketches were not even funny. The RuPaul interview was just him being asked questions by Kermit the frog and the answer is coming from a fanboy instead. You could have literally replaced any of the Muppets with a live actor and gotten the same results and it would not have been funny.
I'm glad it's not the old thing.

Henson wouldn't have wanted it to be the old thing anyway, even if he were still alive and in charge. He was always pushing the boundaries, looking for the new technology or angle. He was even starting to experiment with CGI puppetry shortly before his death, so it's hard to argue that the Muppets are definitely this thing or that thing and nothing else. Heck, the Disney version of the Muppets is probably far more conservative than they would have been under Henson in 2020. Buying properties and then trying to preserve them in amber is sort of Disney's thing nowadays.

As for Muppets Now, I'm really enjoying it. It "feels" like what I vaguely remember from the Muppet show (I was really young when it was on), but updated for the modern era and modern medium. Honestly, my biggest issue with it is just that I don't like Kermit's new voice very much.
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