The Matrix is 25 years old now

He really liked it. He's learning engineering technology, which can have him doing a lot of computer related things, mainly fixing stuff.
Things that go way over my head.
So he really enjoyed it and understood it quite well.
In a twisted kind of way there are also elements of "City of Lost Children" within Matrix.
Interestingly all these films came out round about the same time. Common theme is living in a virtual simulation controlled by outsiders.
Patrick was telling me how hes seen plenty of memes from the Matrix, like the bullet time with Neo on the roof. Afterwards, hes like, now that makes total sense why they did it that way. With Neo moving as fast as the Agent, just slowed way down and camera going around him. Quite ground breaking for the time.
Was looking up some stuff from the Matrix, of course....and found this cool little fact I never knew. When the helicopter crashed, it created a ripple across the glass before shattering. I figured it might have something to do with being in the matrix and maybe some coding within the system was messed with, which can work as well....but, found out, glass apparently does in fact ripple before shattering. How crazy is that.

Got a really late start...but, just finished the Animatrix, and now about to start Reloaded.
I know the sequels didn't do the first movie any type of justice. There were some good ideas, just the way they went about it got odd. At least its got a good soundtrack with some fun action scenes.
So I let Patrick know that these weren't enjoyed as much as the first, as sequels usually aren't anyways, and that the directors really threw a curve ball into the story...but other than that, not saying anything else, so to see what he then thinks himself.
Hes like me, very ADHD and autistic, but not nearly as many learning disabilities as here we go.....
He found it definitely a thinker of a movie. I explained some of the more in depth stuff for him, like a lot of what the Architect was talking about and how Neo was the first ONE to ever pick the door going back to the Matrix, not choosing to save Zion.
Hopefully we can watch the 3rd tomorrow, or at least soon. The weakest of the 3, but really, I've seen that one the least....can't even remember the last time I did watch it.
I guess we should both then later on watch 4, knowing its got the lowest rating of them all.

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