The Phantom Menace Re-Release May 2024

I don't disagree as this is how it's presented. It cuts to another problem I have with the prequels which is the portrayal of the Jedi Order (as PoopaPapaPalps describes in his upcoming post). I think it was a mistake to portray the Jedi as so absurdly rigid in their lifestyle. I'll admit it helps drive Anakin's antagonism but it's at the cost of making the Jedi look like the bad guys. Anakin should be the bad guy.

My issue is the reinforcement of the idea of circumstance being the ultimate deciding factor in one's fate. I certainly am not discounting that circumstance plays a role but if that's going to be the main factor for why someone turns evil, it becomes a "luck of the draw" scenario rather than a matter of succumbing to one's own failings.

...but it doesn't make the jedi the bad guys.

Anakin gets used by the bad guy. Anakin agreed to the situation, then wanted everyone else to fulfill their obligations while he does what he wants. As a kid he didn't know what he was getting into, but then he should have left the jedi properly instead of knowingly lying to them. Qui Gon said he was the Chosen, did he *make* Anakin the chosen or was it really some prophecy coming true...prolly a little of both

Someone who is evil will make that assertion that the jedi look like the bad guys, but that is because that is what evil does, lie. It is the person who rapes or murders and tortures, all while screaming "it wasn't me," or "I have rights!" rights when caught!

And they will prey on anyone dumb enough to give them a chance.

And yes, people change, but he's gotta stop to killing people (or kill the right one) for that to be believable
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Anakin was in love with Padme, the correct choice was always there in front of both of them and they chose to ignore it. All Anakin had to do was leave the order because he fell in love with Padme and they both would have lived happily ever after. There's no rule or death penalty for falling in love and leaving the order because of it.

The Jedi, Palps played a part but at the end of the day it was Anakin and Padme's choice to live a lie, and people seem to gloss over how that was really the point of them both choosing the dark side in the moment they were wed.
Luke's force ghost be like, "No".

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Ok, to focus back to the Phantom Menace...I was watching a cooking show with my wife the other day and looks who showed up!!! I was like, no can't be!!. lol His name is Marcel Vigneron and he is a chef...holy smokes does he look like a deep fake of Ewan!!


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