Disney + The Muppets Mayhem

Just finished the show. It captured all of the essence of The Muppet Show in 10 episodes.

This is the best Muppet’s that Disney has produced since they bought the franchise.

I even went on Amazon and bought the album. It’s only in vinyl or MP3.

I’ve been wanting a turn table for a while now anyway…time to pick one up finally.
I just bought my first vinyl album in over 30 years. Somehow it’s the only format that seemed appropriate.

Now I need to get a record player.
The performer's dominant hand is used for the mouth. The other hand controls the rods for the arm(s).
Still seems like doing right handed guitars would be no problem. The rod would just be crossing the other way. I am left handed and I don't care, left handed guitars look weird. Yes, even Hendrix and McCartney.

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