The Beatles final song, Now and Then, released.


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Very interesting how they had a somewhat bad early rough audio recording of John singing this, and George playing some guitar (not sure when that was recorded. But now, with the help of AI and programs and whatever else they used, they finally were able to officially finished this decades long song. I think its pretty interesting how it all came together, and the video itself of combining the years all together was also really neat.

I liked it and found it interesting as wel

It isnt great, but it was one of three finishable songs they had to work with, it was also in the roughest shape. People want to complain for all sorts of reasons and generally they come off as clueless.

Fwiw the george guitar came from the 'threetles' sessions when the worked on free as a bird and real love. They worked on this as well, but it was in too bad a shape to finish...until now
This is the first time I ever heard of this song, so not sure how much was planned or not. But I like the part around 2:45 with the violins and other instruments. Not being musically trained by any means, had I not known the background info of this song and only listened to it, I would probably have no idea it was only now released.
I guess all the big super Beatles fans will be buying a new version of the complete Beatles discography album. Guess thats like us Star Wars fans buying every new version...pretty

I'll be fine to download it off youtube and add to the songs I have from the Beatles.
I made a comment on the video, but now, thats quickly becoming outdated.....
It was uploaded 10 hours ago and already at 5.5 million views and VERY quickly growing.
It's to be expected. Songs released decades after a big star/group recorded them are usually meh. The song had usually gotten shelved for a reason.

And then you have the additional layer of time distance. It's never totally fair to any pop art if you see it for the first time so much later. It's not fair to Star Wars ANH to watch it for the first time today.
I've never been much of a Beatles fan but I gave it a listen this morning and, well, it's like how I feel about their music in general: it's okay. The music video is a bit tacky but that's as much for major gripes that I have.
Yeah, cool and all that. But, if I was a musical artist, I think the whole “AI did it” aspect would frighten me a bit.

They may all find themselves as Captain Dunsel.
AI couldn’t save that song
I wouldn't say that it's good or bad...after a few times listening to it, I can hear the same type of arrangements the band made over the years.
It's a Beatle song, but it's not going to be at the top 10.
Yeah, cool and all that. But, if I was a musical artist, I think the whole “AI did it” aspect would frighten me a bit.

They may all find themselves as Captain Dunsel.
Other than the fact AI didn't do it. AI removed background noise, piano, and static from the original cassette recording so they had a track of just voice. It was separation only, not enhancements/recreation.

As for shelved, well, it was written in 79 i believe and he was killed in 80...hence 'shelved'.

Again, these were 3 songs finished off as a final goodbye. The last one took so long because the recording needed nearly 30 years of technical advancement to recover the voice. It isn't being released as 'we think this is a current #1 song, it's being released as something they've wanted to finish since 94.

I also think the song was written for Paul and he feels he owes it to John to finish it off properly.
Speaking of things that artists shelved as unfinished or unsatisfying work that are being harvested now….perhaps they can use “The Magic of AI” to restore Shatner’s original “attack of the rockmen” ending of his opus, Star Trek V

Yeah, perhaps better to leave that one alone…

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