Master Replicas Obi-Wan lightsaber materials

Thank you, but could you specify witch parts are made with wich metal? It would be important, because i'm trying to make an accurate saber from the kenobi show. Btw. could you also tell me the materials of the MR 2002 Vader lightsaber? I would greatly appritiate it. Also the stuff you make is seriously amazing! You're one of the people who inspired me to assemle lightsabers. Keep up the good work!
The emitter is aluminum, The neck is brass (both the parts that look brass and the parts that look copper, The grenade and booster are either aluminum of Zamak (hard to tell). The pommel and clamp section are plated brass. I've never taken apart a MR Vader saber. But I'm going to guess that anything chrome is brass and that anything black--if metal--is aluminum and if not metal is injection molded abs plastic.

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