Obi WAn ANH Stunt Lightsaber Question


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I am in the process of painting a Roman Empire Steel V2 as an Obi Wan Kenobi stunt from the first movie. I have a question about painting. The grip (grenade section) was painted black. The neck was painted antique brass. My question is what color was the emitter painted. I've use photoshop on a few images of the V2 Luke and it seems the emitter is black, but the antique brass is so dark it's hard to distinguish even with the eyedropper in Photoshop.

What does everyone think. I'm referring to the lightsaber in the picture below. Thank you!

We have images showing the V2 emitter as very dark gray. This is in ANH.

It looks very black though in later pictures when the paint is wearing off.

Personally, I just used dark gray primer like we see in the model shops. Black lacquer and gold engine paint

On my V2 I dusted some of the black from the body on the emitter too, just to get it darker. Sloppily did the gold paint so it dusted on the body too, which is accurate.
Thank you for the lightning fast response. Your pictures look great! I can see more clearly on yours the grey on the emitter and it really looks like the behind the scenes pictures I've seen. Thank you for the help!!

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