star wars

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  1. Elfenstahl

    Star Wars Genuine HENSOLDT&WETZLAR Zieldialyt scope for Han Solo ANH Hero blaster DL-44

    Up for sale is a genuine Hensoldt&Wetzlar Zieldialyt 2 3/4x. It has the same size as the Zieldialyt 3x, see comparison pictures: Beautiful original bluing. The lenses are clear and in perfect condition with a very crisp sight picture! Accurate round/hexagon knurling on the windage knob...
  2. clonesix

    Star Wars Clone DC-15 carbine

    This is a Hyperfirm DC-15 for sale. This is made of Hyperfirm rubber and is light and durable for trooping. $200 + shipppng
  3. ob1korobi

    Mandalorian Blaster Build 3D Printed

    Thought I would finally post this build. I recently bought a 3D Printer and I am having a lot of fun with it. There is a treasure trove of files to make some really cool props I have always wanted. Thank you to Thingiverse user, Straeker, for making this model. I think it is probably one of the...
  4. mechx

    Limited Run Gungi Lightsaber Hilt (The Yungling) - By Jawas Junkyard

    Hello, For those who don't know me, I'm Jawas Junkyard. You can check me out and the previous lightsaber hilts I've done at my Facebook page: Please see a hilt I'm very proud of. It is a mix of CNC machined maple wood, and T6 aluminium. The Yungling...
  5. MastahBlastah

    FS: Todd's Scope Mount for ANH HERO (Upgraded Thumb Nuts) + Weathering Stencil

    Up for sale is an all STEEL scope mount for a Han Solo ANH Hero blaster build made by Todd's Costumes. This is the later version of his mount that features the more accurate, thinner uprights. It also includes the most accurate dovetail setup for any readily-available ANH mount (separate...
  6. MastahBlastah

    FS: Walnut Grips for Real C96 or Field Marshall Mauser (ANH Weathered)

    Up for sale is a pair of Field Marshall's real walnut grips for a Han Solo ANH blaster build. These are the variety that are sized for Field Marshall's steel Mauser replica, or for a real C96 Mauser, but a Denix or MGC could be altered to accept them as well. Field Marshall typically sells...
  7. MastahBlastah

    FS: (Blemished) Field Marshall Steel MG81 ANH Flash Hider

    Up for sale is one of Field Marshall's machined STEEL flash hiders for a Han Solo ANH blaster build. This one has a blemish from production, so it's discounted. There's (roughly) 1.5mm of material that has been shaved off from a section of the rim or the cone (pictured below). I've taken the...
  8. MastahBlastah

    FS: Field Marshall ELITE Hensoldt Replica (Assembled/Weathered/Lens Updated)

    Up for sale is one of Field Marshall's new ELITE steel Hensoldt Wetzlar scope replicas, assembled and weathered by me. This new elite version of his scope features some updates to its accuracy/functionality, including threaded brass lens retainers (so you can further...
  9. S

    Don Post Naboo Starfighter Helmet

    Don Post Naboo Starfighter helmet for sale. $75 including shipping. Continental US only please. Thanks!
  10. S

    Wookie Bowcaster

    This Wookie Bowcaster is complete with resin stock and greeblies, resin scopes, metal sight tube, and flexible bow material. It is painted black and comes in 4 easy to assemble pieces (see pics). Price is $400.00 including SH. Continental US only please. Thanks!
  11. skoota73

    Anovos Rogue One Imperial Tank Trooper Helmet

    I am letting go my Anovos Rogue One Imperial Tank Trooper Helmet. This has never been displayed. Only taken out for inspection. Everything is included. Will ship in the original packaging. Please reach out for shipping costs. Thank you for looking.
  12. BTTUK

    Phoenix Props/Watto's Junkyard Jedi Killer

    Saber created by Phoenix Props and Watto's Junkyard, based on the concept art for Kylo Ren's saber in TFA. -Designed by Watto's - Fully CNC'd with aluminium, brass and copper -Anodised black - 1" inch blade plug - Suitable for in hilt or pixel installs (currently empty) - Hidden sound...
  13. tmax

    FO Flamethrower Helm Kit

    Here we have a resin First Order Flamthrower Helmet kit Has had some prep work already (see pics below) Shipping from NB, Canada
  14. Djepsen28

    Clone Trooper Backpack Build

    Has anyone scratch built a Clone trooper backpack like the ones in the clone wars tv series? I'm struggling with where to start.
  15. zorg


    Selling this display ready 8d8 head and base, very pleasing display and would look great in any star wars collection. 450 dollars plus shipping. authentic looking weathered paint job which took quite a few hours. #cryingnoises has a 3v (AA) battery box inside the head. disassembles for...
  16. zorg

    Star Wars ROTJ - 8D8 DROID HEAD KIT

    Really clean castings, a comprehensive kit enabling you to display this menacing but cool droid from Jabba's palace. any questions please ask shipping to the states is 40 dollars (probably more in real terms) pictures in second post so they don't get forced into the thumbnail. item ship...
  17. Cern

    Star Wars Jedi-Dex - Looking for ideas

    Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster. I did a search for this but didn't find anything. So i have a pair of these: I know one them them still works - it turns on and makes noises. The other i have not tested. I'm planning on sanding away all the logos and lettering on the back, and...
  18. Darth Vader Breathing Loop.wav

    Darth Vader Breathing Loop.wav

  19. Jacobalcook

    Bandai 1/72 Tie Fighter Completed

    Hey guys! Finished up this Bandai Tie a few months ago and finally decided to make a post and share some pics. Overall, like all of the Bandai Star Wars, it is an excellent kit. Any modeler with basic skills could piece one of these together in a few hours, and painting it is not really any...
  20. camerafx24

    Darth Vader's star destroyer kit, 3 ft long

    A massive 36 inch kit, All the parts are present (as pictured) Made of epoxy and polyurethane resins and reinforced with aluminum in the top section so it won't warp over time. International buyers please contact me directly for shipping quote. Cheers
  21. JRHunter13

    Bespin Guard Blaster

    So I got my hands on a nemrod harpoon gun and am looking to make it into a blaster. I’ve found some great photos of the prop but have no clue on the greeblies. Has anybody 3D printed these parts before? I’d be interested in buying them. If anyone has knowledge on this prop I’d really appreciate it!
  22. blerner

    Anovos Luke Bespin costume

    Jacket is a size M Pants are a size L Undershirt is a size L Everything is essentially brand new, I've I my tried it on once and it's been in the closet ever since. The undershirt was made by a buddy of mine, he dyed it using coffee grounds so it would match the rest of the costume. It is new...
  23. Iakona

    Graflex Clamp (Activation Matrix) Wrap?

    I am looking for a textured sticker roll or tape that is similar to the wrap that was used on Anakin/Luke's lightsaber in The Empire Strikes Back.: Now, the unauthorized Star Trek model kit, "23rd Century Pistol" came with a similar bubbly, textured sticker to simulate the grating on the...
  24. Kalel76

    Star Wars Phantom Menace Imperial Credit in Aluminum

    FAQ What are you selling? A Phantom Menace Imperial Credit. This is my interpretation of the credit found in The Phantom Menace Visual Dictionary pg50 (see screenshot). They were never on screen to my knowledge but are listed/insinuated as the credit that Qu-Gon Jinn offered to Watto before...

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