star wars

  1. eethan

    Star Wars large metal tab EIAJ plugs (price for 1)

    Hello there, I have 3 plugs with the more rare large metal connector for sale and 1 with a large connector on one side and a small connector on the other side if someone is looking for something that will look exactly the same on his macros but wants to save a bit :) they all are in medium...
  2. Threepio

    Star Wars Imperial Officer - Director Krennic Tunic (Size Small)

    This STAR WARS™ Rogue One Director Krennic Tunic costume accessory was recreated using measurements and reference taken from the original screen-used production assets. Tunic is made of custom milled cavalry twill polyester. The fabrics have been dyed to match the color of the screen-used...
  3. Threepio

    Star Wars Imperial Officer - Director Krennic Cape (Size Small)

    This STAR WARS™ Rogue One Director Krennic Cape costume accessory was recreated using measurements and reference taken from the original screen-used production assets. The cape is made of poly-cotton fabric and snaps onto the Imperial Admiral Tunic. Note: Cape is sized to match snap placement on...
  4. eethan

    Interest Cloud city blaster - Relby K23 - aluminium conversion kits!

    Hello guys, Here is an interest request for aluminium conversion kit for Nemrod Galeons, to make the cloud city blaster, Relby K23 :) I'm very excited by this blaster and this project, I hope you guys will like it! All of the kit parts are based on a lot of back and forth with Pedro to create a...
  5. SPNKY

    Want to Buy Master Replicas Qui-Gon Jinn .45 Lightsaber SW-402

    Hey RPF, Does anyone have the Master Replicas Qui-Gon Jinn .45 Lightsaber that they're willing to sell? Thanks!
  6. CrossfireProps

    Obi-Wan Kenobi Series Lightsaber Hilts

    With the finale of Kenobi releasing today I realized that I never shared these sabers I made a few weeks ago on here! Both of these were fully resin 3D Printed minus 3 internal metal rods and a real screw to hold the fake covertec wheel in place. These were super fun to build and paint, and...
  7. Scott Graham

    Three (x3) Vintage 1969 Aurora U.S. US Navy SEALAB III Model Kits In One Box

    Three kits. One half built. One box that isn't in the best shape. Tons of sealab donors for your studio scale project.
  8. kokkari

    Hammerhead Corvette

    For sale! -Hammerhead Corvette 3D resin print. This was printed from the Gamebody files. -It measures 20 inches in length. -It has a 1/4" threaded mounting point. -Engines light with a 12v internal battery that is easily replaceable when needed. -All paint work was done with Archive-X Acrylics...

    Weathering aluminum parts like my DL44 Blaster Flash Hider in the dishwasher

    Hi, I‘m working on a Star Wars costume at the moment (see my other threads) and found a nice way for weathering Aluminum parts. Just put them in the dishwasher. Something you should never do with aluminum kitchen stuff. Here my DL44 flash hider before, new and shiny: And after one round for...
  10. CreechMagoo

    Want to Buy Looking for a "functional" all metal thermal detonator

    Iv always loved the look of the chrome thermal detonators from star wars and the new Obi-Wan series has inspired me to finally hunt for one of my own. If anyone has any leads on high quality metal replicas or even replicas with minor functionality (mainly lights and switch) would be much...
  11. phase pistol

    Star Wars Bandai Tamashii Nations R2-D2 complete Chogokin Diecast Sixth Scale with stand, box, accessories

    Note: the upper lamp fixture atop the dome is loose, I think it may have been glued down once but has now come off. In any case I just laid it on top where it belongs, it looks fine. Could be easily re-glued by the buyer. Heavy diecast rendition of Artoo with spring-loaded center foot, crisp...
  12. A

    Star Wars Complete Stormtrooper armor + blaster, boots and ROM FX voice amp

    Hi All, Very regrettably I need to see few items to cover family bills. Anyway I need to sell my full AP stormtrooper armor costume it includes the boots, blaster (hasbro converted), under suit and a ROM FX voice changer static burst & speaker. Asking for $1200 Australian Dollars or 850USD. +...
  13. tomleech

    Limited Run 2nd Run of Accurate RotJ Force Pike - Weapon of the Emperor's Royal Guard

    Hi all! As you may or may not be aware I've received a consistent trickle of messages asking about my original Force Pike run and recently the interest seems to be rising, (surely the result of Inquisitor Peregrinus' prodding, so you can thank/blame them as appropriate :D ) and I think interest...
  14. torsoboy

    Star Wars Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett helmet (painted)

    Edit: Relisting for cheaper, got car repairs! I am selling my personal Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett helmet, fully painted and assembled. This is a urethane casting of my own sculpt, and the build thread with finished glamor photos can be seen >here<. Full photo album with high-res images can be...
  15. 13doctorwho

    The Jason In Carbonite

    Ever since I saw Return Of The Jedi I've wanted to make me in carbonite. Over the years I built a Han in carbonite and realized a second carbonite block was impractical. Looking through a making of book I saw some panels of the head of Han in carbonite that were used to test the look. That gave...
  16. SteelDragon

    Star Wars Custom Mando Helmet

    I am selling my custom Mandalorian helmet, as I have used it for years, and don't need it anymore. I am asking $150, but feel free to make an offer as well.
  17. kokkari

    Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett’s Slave 1 Hasbro Vintage Collection

    Custom lit with 12volt internal battery. All original parts included. I will include the original box if that’s important to you. The interior was unmodified when lighting was installed so the interior is 100% functional. You would be lucky to find for less than $150 without mods. About 20...
  18. SirSandalot

    I painted the Revell 1/29 scale X-Wing (PIC HEAVY)

    Well, the title says it all... but first... Modifications/corrections: 1. Stock R2-D2 was too tall, I fixed that, he did not like it. Beep beep weeeebipibipiwoowoo, he said. I agreed. 2. The pilot was sitting too deep in the cockpit, looked like a little kid. Just made him a pillow with putty...
  19. eethan

    Star Wars Assembled Death Star Camera with my new delrin kit

    Hello there, here is the latest assembled Death Star camera from my new Delrin kit, best of both worlds version, screen-accurate in thickness and color, strong like the aluminium version, no need to paint it and no paint chips with time! It comes with 6 two-tone Paterson viewers in pretty good...
  20. Jake Kassnoff

    Car 2 D2 Build

    Get it?
  21. Psab keel

    Limited Run Star Wars Screen Accurate Yavin Medal Ribbons

    I've sourced 100% screen accurate ribbon for your Yavin Medals. Years ago I discovered the British Officer Wool Ties, but recently I came across this same style of ribbon, which is more likely the source of the Medal Ribbons given that they also used this material for Luke's ANH Pancho Trim and...
  22. achilles266

    Want to Buy Star Wars resin kits

    Hi everyone. I am looking for some projects to keep me busy over the next year or so. Just wondering if anyone has any Star Wars resin kits that are collecting dust that they might be willing to part with. Happy to consider all ships and quality of castings as they are just for my private...
  23. D

    Star Wars Trench Run Diorama

    Hey all, I made this piece last year and completely forgot to share it on the forum, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing it! I set out to make a 1/144 scale diorama of one of my favourite cinematic moments - the Trench Run. I also decided to venture into using LED filaments to...
  24. Edraven99

    Star Wars Steel ANH Hero DL-44 Parts from Blaster Factory

    For those of you who may have seen my build thread you know that I upgraded as many parts as I could for my steel Blaster Factory hero DL-44 blaster with real parts. As a result I have left over parts that I really don't have a need for. What's included is: "Elite" version Hensoldt Wetzlar...
  25. hoosleberg

    Scratch/kitbashed 1/24 X-wing

    For the past 3 months I've been slowly chipping away at a studio scale T-65. I have been able to source about 10 of the less rare kits on ebay. For the hard to find kits I plan to scratch or 3d print the pieces. Full size drawings posted on the forums, the ILM Red 3 pics and Bandai's 1/72 kit...