props and replicas

  1. Niko1U

    Ready Player One - The Shining VHS

    After I saw Ready Player One for the first time i really liked the VHS representation that was seen in the movie. So, almost 4 years later, I tried to recreate it, but i wanted to add some more realism to it, as the box itself looked rather simple, not like something you would see in a Store...
  2. smackingmac93

    Looking for a close match or similar space helmet from alien?

    Looking where to buy (Etsy/eBay etc.) a similar space helmet from any of the alien films for a decent price? Lmk where to look? Thanks!
  3. smackingmac93

    Does anyone know how/where a reasonably priced holster for pkd blaster?

    Looking for reasonably priced holster for PKD blaster? (blade runner) doesn’t need to be screen accurate