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  1. cbrant

    Star Wars MR Master Replicas Count Dooku Saber

    Selling my Master Replicas Count Dooku saber. It comes with the display box and an aftermarket acrylic stand which is quite nice. The saber is in immaculate condition. This does not include an MR plaque or mailer. I am looking to get $800 shipped in the US or best offer. I am also open to trades...
  2. skoota73

    Anakin Starkiller Luke Skywalker ROTJ V2 Lightsaber

    Hi. I am selling my Anakin Starkiller Luke Skywalker ROTJ V2 lightsaber. This is his FX edition from 2018. Although, the hilt being sold here is static. This includes a vintage Graflex clamp and a Slothfurnace card. This also has the Trooper Trent stenciling. The emitter is taped down, as this...
  3. J

    Star Wars Luke TLJ saber - Lukyanov Creepy Uncle G3

    Lukyanov The Last Jedi Creepy Uncle Gen 3 lightsaber. Unassembled, comes as originally shipped. Ready for electronics, comes with a second end cap that's solid for static display. $215. Price include shipping. CONUS only.
  4. jvasilatos

    Star Wars Master Replicas ANH Darth Vader Lightsaber (4,439 of 7,500) SW-106DLE: $820 NO CASE

    ANH Darth Vader Lightsaber (4,439 of 7,500) SW-106DLE: $820 NO CASE Saber is in original packaging. Only opened once for inspection and recent photos, never displayed. In storage for 15 years since its original purchase from Master Replicas. Includes original paperwork. US SALES: $820 FIRM...
  5. jvasilatos

    Star Wars Master Replicas ROTJ Darth Vader Lightsaber (466 of 500) SW-164LE: $3070 WITH CASE

    Master Replicas ROTJ Darth Vader Lightsaber (466 of 500) SW-164LE: $2070 WITH CASE Rare and hard to find! Saber is in original packaging. Only opened once for inspection and recent photos, never displayed. In storage for 15 years since its original purchase from Master Replicas. Includes...
  6. Iakona

    Graflex Clamp (Activation Matrix) Wrap?

    I am looking for a textured sticker roll or tape that is similar to the wrap that was used on Anakin/Luke's lightsaber in The Empire Strikes Back.: Now, the unauthorized Star Trek model kit, "23rd Century Pistol" came with a similar bubbly, textured sticker to simulate the grating on the...
  7. DaveP

    Interest Luke's ROTJ Static Hero/Yuma/ISYHCANL Prop Replica Kit (2nd Run)

    Hello everyone... I’m finally ready to go ahead with the second run for Luke's ROTJ Static Hero/Yuma/ISYHCANL Prop Replica! Thank you to everyone for being so patient! The first run turned out great! I was VERY happy with the quality of the parts, and the builds that I’ve seen so far look...
  8. sketcherdan

    Star Wars Solo's Hold Blind Knight (Rebels Kanan Lightsaber)

    Assembled and painted Blind Knight saber from Solo's Hold. A beautifully machined piece, assembled and finished by myself. Disassembles just like in the show. Able to take electronics . Price is £350 + shipping UK- £15 Worldwide - £30
  9. D

    Help identifying what appears to be a replica prop.

    I found this lightsaber about 3-4 ish years ago at my local goodwill, grouped in with a bunch of Halloween stuff. It jumped out to me as it’s clearly not a toy. Recently I’ve tried to identify what it really is and perhaps even who made it, and was directed here. here’s an album of pictures...
  10. C

    Vintage Late Folmer Graflex Flashgun

    Vintage Late Folmer Graflex Flashgun now up for AUCTION. NO RESERVE PRICE. I will also include the vintage Heald clamp card pictured. More photos are available on request if needed. Thank you for your consideration. MTFBWY.
  11. TheForgeProps

    Second Sister lightsaber build

    Hey everyone! I'm starting a build thread for a second sister lightsaber build I'm embarking on. Absolutely love this design, so I decided I need to have one! I'm going to be making a prototype first with my printers, and if it works I'll then use the patterns to get the blades CNCd in...
  12. Vikt0r

    Dark Forces II: 3d Models and Makes

    Hey all, So I continued with my obsession and made/commissioned more props from the Jedi Knight game and wanted to share how that's been going. I got some better tools so I'll be cleaning these up soon. I also recently 3d modeled all of the lightsabers. I just gone done with Weegee...
  13. Dann

    Star Wars Yoda Lightsaber Hilt VD Style

    Putting this bad boy up for sale, again. Made from a Bolsey flash, with excellent parts from sjanish. Will include a small printed stand, slightly smaller than the one in the pics. This hilt has some serious heft, for its size, thanks to the weighty bits I added inside. $250 shipped in the...
  14. Ash

    Disney Parks Rey Lightsaber with removable blade

    Anyone in the market for a Rey Lightsaber? Recently picked this up second hand and have decided to go a different route with an upcoming cosplay so I'm letting it go. The listing is for the "Disney Parks Exclusive Rey Lightsaber" hilt, blade and belt clip only. It did not come with the original...
  15. Welsh Pirate

    The Antihero - Custom Luke v2 finishing

    So I finally coughed up the dough to one of Roman's gorgeous steel v2's. Beauty shot: So I have to be honest; as much as I'm a fan of the v2's form, I'm not crazy about the paint job. So, I'm going to do an idealized version. At first I thought about giving it the color scheme of the hero, but...
  16. P

    Lightsaber Weathering

    Hello! So I purchased an Ultimate Works RVS (Revan) saber a while back, and have been customizing it to make it my own. The hilt was very plain, and that made it the perfect choice for me, because of the wide opportunity for customization. I added some rubber o-rings, some stitched and tooled...
  17. C

    Vintage Armitage Shanks handwheel

    For your real parts Obi Wan lightsaber build, I'm offering a vintage Armitage Shanks (AS) handwheel for sale. The cap is the Hot version, and it has 4/8 teeth remaining, which means some adhesive or glue will be needed to keep the cap securely in place. Alternatively, the handwheel cap and red...
  18. mediocre maker

    Retirement Gift - Lightsaber

    My second attempt at a lightsaber hilt. This one is based on a sink drain (pictured). I wanted to keep this one relatively clean, with minimal weathering. Kinda like a retirement gift for those aging out Jedi. All pieces included - Sink drain. PVC coupler, bike handlebar grip. A lot pf fun with...
  19. Chase Butler

    Bolsey Yoda VD Lightsaber

    Up for sale is an almost complete Bolsey Yoda lightsaber. It's just missing the rear PEM nut and the correct phillips screw for the front. It's got a few nicks and scratches and has a little residual glue on the rear where the PEM nut goes from having one temporarily affixed but it's pretty good...
  20. BTTUK

    Various lightsaber replicas

    Thanks to the current situation, it is time to part ways with collecting these things and possibly selling all of the collection off. I will be making these definitely available: - Roman Props MK1 weathered static with chrome cold version sink knob. Some chrome chipped on the sink knob, but...
  21. Jake Kassnoff

    Leia Organa Lightsaber

    All EVA Foam:
  22. tmax

    Steampunk Lightsaber...

    Picked up a couple vintage flashlights from an antique dealer in Nova Scotia and decided they’d make a killer Lightsaber. Also pulled apart a vintage sewing machine and found heaps of neat parts. This had to be a reveal hilt, so the inner workings needed to look mechanical, pre-kyber crystal...
  23. DaveP

    Unlimited Run Luke's *Screen Accurate* ROTJ Yuma/ISYHCANL/Hero Tri-Rings (Unlimited run)

    Hi everyone, Back in February and following my small run of finished Luke ISYHCANL hilts, I recieved quite a bit of interest regarding the tri-ring; a few people asking where I bought them from? **Original hand-made rings:** I had to explain that the original tri-ring was hand made, and that...
  24. DaveP

    Interest Obi Wan ANH **Heavy** Static (Interest Thread)

    Hello everyone. I've been finishing up a few semi completed 3D projects lately, and I'm VERY excited to finally put this one out there as an interest thread, having received the final quote from the machining shop! What we have here is my take on Obi Wan's ANH saber. This is not a replica...
  25. AstroZopyros

    Luke Skywalker "Ahch-to" native island style Saber storage crate Ideas??

    Thought about building a some sort of native island storage crate for Luke's (retired?) green lightsaber. Supposedly it is in the care of some of the native island caretakers. Ideas on the lore of the island? The language? Common materials available there? If we could gather some info, we could...

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