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  1. Samhain013

    Galen "Marek" Starkiller’s Lightsaber

    Hi everyone, I’m sure a lot of you’ve answered this question on so many times. So for awhile now I’ve been searching for someone to help me make a replica of Galen "Marek" Starkiller’s Lightsaber from SWTFU1. I am trying to make a replica like the one in this video; any help will be greatly...
  2. Davidp3000

    MR anakin ROTS force fx what metal used?

    Hey everyone, first time posting, long time lurking lol, planning on disassembling and hopefully cleaning up my rots anakin saber, it had been stored in a really damp house for a year and now has small veins of corrosion around the black grips. main query is does anyone know what metal its made...
  3. JGattonII

    Vintage Praco VD Yoda Build

    Although I recently/originally 'began' this build as a Mixed Media Replica, I am very blessed to have met up w/ individuals here on the RPF that have allowed me to pursue my goal of building a VD Yoda Lightsaber - but now with authentic/vintage parts!! There is absolutely no way I could have...
  4. BastianEstrella

    Looking for lightsaber electronics kits

    Hello, everyone. I´m currently looking for some electronic kits to build a couple of lightsabers for me and my sith girlfriend, does anyone know where I can get some reasonalbly priced ones delivered to the outer rim (Mexico)? or somewhere I can find a comprehensive guide to build some myself...
  5. Edraven99

    Star Wars Kal Fett Vintage T-Tracks - ALL SOLD!

    Up for grabs is three sets of Kal Fett vintage cabinet T-Tracks for your Luke/Rey lightsaber or Vader builds. Each set has 7 tracks so it gives you some flexibility on whether you want to do an ANH or ESB or sequel trilogy build. Set 1 - uncut and I trimmed - SOLD Set 2 - uncut and I trimmed...
  6. skoota73

    Vintage 3-Cell Graflex with Reflector

    Up for sale is a vintage 3-cell Graflex flash handle with reflector. I am asking for $600 plus shipping. Please reach out for shipping costs. Thank you for looking!
  7. dmpsk8

    Vader ANH Force FX Lightsaber w/ box - Black Series

    Selling my Vader (ANH) Black Series lightsaber. Great looking piece, bummed to let go of it. Includes original box, stand, and lightsaber. Lightsaber LEDs and sounds are working good. Not abused, only displayed briefly. All stickers have been carefully removed from the hilt for a display-ready...
  8. Edraven99

    Star Wars Nicksdad Luke ROTJ Hero Lightsaber Kit - SOLD!

    Hi gang, Up for grabs is a Nicksdad Luke ROTJ hero lightsaber kit that I got during his run... and did absolutely nothing with! The kit is exactly as it was received and includes the original control box cover, the red and green acrylic arrows for the control box, and the tri ring. As a...
  9. teecrooz

    Vintage Mystery Chunks (whole boot sole)

    Well, I have removed several boots worth and while I still have individual chunks I can sell, I thought I’d offer a whole sole to someone who either wants one for a display or would like to remove the chunks on their own. $350 shipped in the US. That’s about $15 per stud. Most are in perfect...
  10. PhuketAussie

    Light Saber hilt for my Obe-Wan style costume

    Hello everyone, a friend of mine bought two sets of PVC pipe fittings for making hilts, giving one set to me, so I got busy on Thursday so it would be ready for the costume party yesterday! Here's the project step by step, the photos are fairly self-explanatory: roughed up the PVC a bit...
  11. C

    Want to Buy Luke Creepy Uncle Gen 3 lightsaber hilt

    I’m looking for a weathered empty hilt in particular
  12. SpiderPhantom5

    SOLD Lightsaber Electronic Bundle: Blue Nano Biscotte V4 Tri-Cri

    SOLD Thank you!
  13. HenryTheNerd

    Obi Wan's Lightsaber (3rd) - 3d printed by "Valcrow"

    Hey Everyone! This is my first thread, and I wanted to tackle my favorite movie prop, Old Ben Kenobi's lightsaber from "A New Hope". I got the file from Jacky (Valcrow) here: Before I made a machined version, I wanted to...
  14. Sundowner

    Star Wars Ben Solo Hilt 0.99 starting bid

    Ben Solo hilt that was originally converted from a crossguard. All metal, comes with blade plug and kyber crystal. looking to trade for some metal Looper Bars.
  15. Brothervader

    Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Hilt 2002 Master Repicas

    165$ shipped. This was one of the very first lightsaber Master replicas ever produced. This is from their FX lightsabers line. Even before they had the light-up LED strands. When I received this lightsaber, the sound was not working. I removed the blade and inner Electronics to make it a...
  16. Edraven99

    Star Wars Vintage Mystery Chunks for V2 Lightsaber (Among Other Things)

    Hi gang, As promised, for sale is a batch of 21 of the newly discovered vintage 'mystery chunks' that was used on the Luke Skywalker ROTJ V2 hilt as well as the bunker mines and other props. Also as promised, this sale is only available here in the JY only and not on FaceBook or anywhere else...
  17. Andy3E

    Star Wars Upgraded Master Replicas ForceFX ‘Mace Windu’ Saber

    A 2004 Master Replicas ForceFX Mace Windu Saber, professionally upgraded by LondonSabers with new soundboard, Super-bright LED and removable polycarbonate blade, Box is a bit battered but everything is there including the stand and instructions Asking for £350 shipped in the UK
  18. M

    Want to Buy Custom Skinnyflex Grip Section

    Hello. I have an empty Korbanth skinnyflex hilt, and I am hoping to have a custom grip section made to fit it. One that is longer and slimmer than on the hero prop, and more like on the stunt version. I have reference pictures, a design sketch, and proposed measurements figured out. If any...
  19. Iakona

    Graflex Clamp (Activation Matrix) Wrap?

    I am looking for a textured sticker roll or tape that is similar to the wrap that was used on Anakin/Luke's lightsaber in The Empire Strikes Back.: Now, the unauthorized Star Trek model kit, "23rd Century Pistol" came with a similar bubbly, textured sticker to simulate the grating on the...
  20. DaveP

    Limited Run Luke's ROTJ Static Hero/Yuma/ISYHCANL Prop Replica Kit (2nd Run) *SIGN UP CLOSED*

    Hello everyone... I’m finally ready to go ahead with the second run for Luke's ROTJ Static Hero/Yuma/ISYHCANL Prop Replica! *Completed hilt from first run (there are subtle differences/improvements on run 02) Thank you to everyone for being so patient! The first run turned out great! I was...
  21. D

    Help identifying what appears to be a replica prop.

    I found this lightsaber about 3-4 ish years ago at my local goodwill, grouped in with a bunch of Halloween stuff. It jumped out to me as it’s clearly not a toy. Recently I’ve tried to identify what it really is and perhaps even who made it, and was directed here. here’s an album of pictures...
  22. TheForgeProps

    Second Sister lightsaber build

    Hey everyone! I'm starting a build thread for a second sister lightsaber build I'm embarking on. Absolutely love this design, so I decided I need to have one! I'm going to be making a prototype first with my printers, and if it works I'll then use the patterns to get the blades CNCd in...
  23. Vikt0r

    Dark Forces II: 3d Models and Makes

    Hey all, So I continued with my obsession and made/commissioned more props from the Jedi Knight game and wanted to share how that's been going. I got some better tools so I'll be cleaning these up soon. I also recently 3d modeled all of the lightsabers. I just gone done with Weegee...
  24. Welsh Pirate

    The Antihero - Custom Luke v2 finishing

    So I finally coughed up the dough to one of Roman's gorgeous steel v2's. Beauty shot: So I have to be honest; as much as I'm a fan of the v2's form, I'm not crazy about the paint job. So, I'm going to do an idealized version. At first I thought about giving it the color scheme of the hero, but...
  25. P

    Lightsaber Weathering

    Hello! So I purchased an Ultimate Works RVS (Revan) saber a while back, and have been customizing it to make it my own. The hilt was very plain, and that made it the perfect choice for me, because of the wide opportunity for customization. I added some rubber o-rings, some stitched and tooled...

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