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  1. Eruonen

    Rudy Pando V3 WIP

    I couldn't pass up getting a Rudy Pando V3/SS before I missed out forever, but I'm not as versed with this particular prop, so I need some help. My main question is whether I should finish it like the prop exists today, or in the screen used style? (This is an invitation to drop pictures of...
  2. lukyanov

    «Crimson Lord» gen.2: Maul's lightsaber from "Solo" (by Lukyanov) [absolutely NEW one]

    Hey. I want to introduce the newest generation of my «Crimson Lord» Maul's saber: HERO. I designed it from scratch, with new sound venting solution (much better than gen. 1), more details and now it as accurate as possible to the real «hero» prop. The references were provided from private...
  3. mechx

    Limited Run Jawas Junkyard X PixelsToProps - The General Run

    Hello RPF! I've been working hard in the background and I'm excited to announce - The General. Based on the anime clone wars obi-wan hilt. Prototypes are in and we're happy and ready to go. The initial feedback has been great, so now the opportunity to preorder is open. - Fully machined...
  4. Edraven99

    Star Wars V2 Lightsaber Kit

    I am selling left over pieces from my V2 pro-mod edition. From top to bottom we have: Soloshold gen2 emitter: dented with accurate dents, acid aged, stenciled and weathered by Halliwax Soloshold FX emitter: acid aged, stenciled and weathered by Halliwax Anakin Starkiller’s builders kit ring...
  5. Jake Kassnoff

    Star Wars Visions Lightsaber

    This is my attempt to translate an animated lightsaber into real life:
  6. Eruonen

    Anakin AOTC hilt

    Hello there! After holding a friend’s Anakin AOTC hilt I’ve become quite enamored. Is there a community consensus on who makes the most accurate version of this hilt? I see the Tusken Slayer is quite revered, but I missed out on the latest run, and no one seems to stock this hilt regularly.

    Official Lightsaber Vintage D-Ring thread

    VINTAGE D-RINGS FOR ORIGINAL TRILOGY STAR WARS HILTS If someone has a thread similar, mods, you can delete this thread. I wanted to start this thread to ask those of you who take D-ring measurements for each of the OT hilts, to go ahead and post them here, along with pictures of your finds. I...
  8. DaveP

    Star Wars Complete Luke RotJ Yuma (sail barge) replica

    Hi Everyone, I have available, and ready to send out, one complete Luke ROTJ Yuma replica, with short (33cm) sail barge blade. These were made using bodies from my first Hero/ISYHCANL/Yuma run, which have been modified slightly to take a blade (the bodies in my second run had deeper emitters)...
  9. willrhami

    Anakin AOTC lightsaber grips?

    Hey there community. This is an odd one, but if anyone can help out it’s you guys. So I’m working on a fully custom lightsaber, all hand turned from aluminum, based off my saber I made at Disneyland a few years back at Savi’s Workshop. The saber from Disney has grips and I enjoy that a lot, but...
  10. SP Sabers

    Anakin Episode 3 Stunt Lightsaber (fx ready and carbon stunt blade ready) SP SABERS SPINFLEX

    Hey everyone, i produced a run of 100 Anakin Skywalkers Stunt lightsabers, I have 100 units in hand ready to go. Details: -6061 aluminium. -anodised black low profile grips. -includes 2 emitters, 1 that holders the carbon fibre stunt blade and a stylized emitter for a 7/8 blade. -1 Vented and 1...

    Star Wars VINTAGE (thin trace) OTIS ELEVATOR BOARD

    This is a true vintage Otis elevator board with thin traces. I picked it up and came across a card I liked better. It’s in tact, and can be used for an ESB style circuit card if it’s milled correctly. Depending on how small your clamp closes, you might be able to see one bent lead. Maybe not...
  12. DaveP

    DaveP RotJ Luke Hero. (Complete)

    I didn't expect to be selling another one of these quite so soon! :D This is one of the hero kits that I sold a couple of weeks ago. The customer also paid for the commissioned build in the screen accurate (cave scene) configuration with brass rails. It was finished yesterday, and is ready to...
  13. dmcox01

    Various lightsaber/costuming parts & accessories lot

    Clearing out some stuff and came across these parts that I'm not goig to need. Figured somebody could use them. Parts include 2 D-rings with Kobold clips, 1 loose D-ring, 1 Graflex lever with single side rail, 2 transistors, 2 aluminum side rails from Luke ROTJ hero control box, 2 different size...
  14. onderon

    Star Wars Hales No3. Mk1 for Sale or Willing to Trade for Browning Booster

    Hi, Selling a real relic, the Hales No3 Mk1. I cleaned it, blued it to vintage look and waxed it to preserve. Sending it WorldWide (outside EU) with DHL and with any shipping company the buyer would prefer within the EU (PM me for details). I'd be interested in a trade for a Browning...
  15. dmcox01

    Anakin Starkiller V2 lightsaber

    This saber is from Anakin Starkiller's 2018 run as seen here: The hilt is hollow and ready for electronics installation. Emitter spins as on the original prop...
  16. dmcox01

    Luke Skywalker hero lightsaber TFA version

    This saber is from Anakin Starkiller's 2016 run as seen here: It is solid aluminum with a solid control box. Card and red/green triangles came from tomm1999's run here...
  17. dmcox01

    Obi-Wan Roman Props MK1 static weathered lightsaber

    As the description says, this is the static weathered version of Roman's fantastic Obi-Wan lightsaber hilt. I removed some of the blackening from the brass windvane to expose the brass color. Other than that it's exactly as I received it from Roman. No "Graflex" on the clamp and no red or blue...
  18. dmcox01

    Roman Props MPP Vader ESB

    This MPP is from Roman's 2017 run as seen here: Completed in ESB style with correct multi-colored wires, green clamp card with 6 bubble strip, lever removed from clamp, 6 grips with straight cuts on the ends. Shipping is...
  19. stiffminded

    Maul Lightsaber Buttons?

    Can someone help me source the correct buttons for a Maul saber, the silver and red buttons? Don't need active buttons, it's for a static non-working hilt, a display piece. I'm not sure what to look for and where to find them. Any help would be appreciated. Pic for reference.
  20. DaveP

    DaveP's Luke RotJ V2 Research/Development Thread 2021

    Intro: Hello everyone. As some of you may know, I’ve been working away on my own version of the V2 for some time now behind the scenes. Well, it’s finally time to unveil the project and where I am in the development process. This thread will serve as a development thread to start with, where I...
  21. Z

    Where to buy obi-wan anh lightsaber in 2021?

    It seems like all the places that make a accurate obi-wan anh lightsaber ( that has a blade). Has stop selling them? So where is the current place to do it? Or do I just need to buy parts from different people and assemble it? (I care about screen accuracy and not having the crystal chassis...
  22. LOM

    ANH Lightsabers Timeline and Miscellaneous Theories

    Hi everyone! Spurred by some of the recent discussions on the “”prototype”” MPP and Graflex that were recently auctioned, I wanted to share some information I collected and put into a timeline. I've found it helps me understand what might or might not have gone on during production. I've been...
  23. eethan

    Star Wars KR saber Maul saber, as is, not weathered

    Hi, I'm selling a KR saber Maul saber as I received it, it is not painted or anything. 350€ + shipping this is a stock pic as I didn't have time to take photos
  24. eethan

    Star Wars Luke ESB saber - real vintage parts

    Hello there, i'm selling a Luke ESB saber made out of real found vintage parts. Assembled by me with the greatest care. Vintage Graflex inc flash Vintage additionnal red button Vintage kolbold clip, held with magnets, no holes in the graflex! screws are also cut in length and threaded and glued...
  25. eethan

    Star Wars ESB Vader saber - weathered Roman replica

    Hi, I'm selling my replica of ESB Vader saber, based on a Roman MPP and assembled and weathered by me as accurately as possible :-) it has a weathered but not rusted Wannawanga steel shroud from the first run wannawanga T tracks and wire set replica bubble strips from the very accurate version...

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